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Soccer Club

The idea of Kilmacow Soccer Club came about directly from the fact that a playing area known as "The Farm" was freely available to play on. "The Farm" was the only safe and spacious area in which "The Upper Street" lads could develop their up and coming football careers.

Mr. Robert Walsh chaired the first real meeting that set up the ground rules for the launch of the club. The principal "players" in the forming of the club in these early months were the Bolger brothers, Paddy and Martin, Richard Walsh, Jackie Walsh, Dick Moore, Sean Sutton, Marcus Behal, Sean Carroll, Barry Walsh, Tom Cooney, Jimmy Kearns and Francie Walsh. Many of the fore mentioned players still have an active interest in the development of Kilmacow Soccer Club.

Kilmacow soccer club is now in its' 28th year and is growing and progressing with each new season. We hold an annual dinner dance where we present outstanding players and club members with well deserved awards.


Officers: 1st. and 3rd. Divisions.

Chairman          : Dev Lowe

Vice-Chairman : Fergal Walsh

Secretary          : Joan Lowe

Treasurer          : Gail Walsh


Officers: School Boys

Chairman          : Dixie Moore

Vice-Chairman : John Coffee

Secretary           : Ger Duggan

Treasurer           : Margaret Mulligan


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