St Patricks Day Tornado



The 1995 Saint Patrick's Day whirlwind or tornado lasted for about 30 seconds and covered I 5 miles. It is thought to have started in Ballivor bog at around half past 2. It then went on across Boardsmill where it got to its strongest point. Tiles, slates and galvanize were just pulled off roofs like they were lying there. Then it went through Ardanew, by Tobertynan House and down to Kill School. Tiles were ripped off the roof, the old tree at the entrance to the football pitch was pulled up, some wooding from the outside of the prefab was stripped off, and the two basketball rings and arial were bent at a right angle. Then the tornado went across Kill and into Rathmolyon. This is where someone could have been killed. The tornado knocked down a greenhouse in Coffey's across the road from Smyth's. Alan Smyth had just gone out of his sitting room when the glass from the greenhouse burst through the window and ripped all the furniture, went into the mantle piece to a dept of nearly 2 inches and it also went straight through some mahogany wood. The tornado then went on to Carey's in lsaacstown where a wall was knocked down, slates were pulled off the roof and galvanize came off some sheds- Next it went on to Flynn's Nurseries where plants and trees were pulled up. The arial of the house fell down and broke the windscreen of Flynn's brand new car below. An old Monkey Puzzle tree which was 200 years old at the entrance to the nurseries fell down in the immensely strong winds. One sheet of galvanize was wrapped around a tree like it was a piece of paper. The tornado finally went on to Summerhill woods where it knocked down more than 80 trees. A little while after that it died down around Moynallvey. It was amazing that nobody was killed. Most people say the hailstones that were the size of marbles just before the tornado made everyone go Indoors. But thankfully nobody was killed or even injured.