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Sunday Masses.

Canovee: Vigil Mass 6:30pm. Sunday 10:00am

Cloughduv: Vigil Mass 7:30pm. Sunday 12Noon

Kilmurry: Vigil Mass. 8:30pm Sunday 11am

Weekday Masses
: Mon, Wed & Fri at 10:00 am. Sat at 11:00 am.
Cloughduv: Mon, Wed, Thurs & Fri at 9:00 am. Sat at 12:00 noon.
Canovee: Thursday at 10:00 am.

Masses Tues 11th Feb - Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. World day of Prayer for the Sick
Cloughduv at 9:00 am & 7:30 pm.
Canovee at 10:00 am.
Kilmurry No morning Mass. Mass 8pm.


Kilmurry: 11.30am. & 8pm.

Cloughduv: 11.30am. & 7pm.

Canovee: 6pm.

Parish Announcements

We welcome to the parish:
Nickole, child of Declan and Mary Lynch of Knocknahilan.
Conor Alex child of Peter and Kathleen Curzon, Aherla.

Lourdes Invalid Fund:
There will be a special collection at all Masses in the diocese this weekend so that the sick may go to Lourdes with the Diocesan Pilgrimage in June. Giving what you can is one way of thanking God for reasonable good health.
Lourdes June 11th - 16th, 5 nights full board. Contact Joe Walsh Tours, Patrick's St, Cork Tel: 021 4277959.
Fatima Donoughmore Group Ex/ Return Cork. Thurs July 24th - 31st, 7 nights at Santo Amaro Hotel full board, includes 4 excursions. Further details Tel Patsy Foley 021 7337159 or 087 6798810. Book early to secure seat!

Patrons of Europe:
Sts. Cyril & Methodius; Friday is their Feast day

Parish Information Leaflet
The Parish Council are putting together an information leaflet on the parish and would like to list all clubs, groups & associations etc that are active. To help compile a comprehensive list we ask each club/group/association to supply details of activities including their contacts. This information should be sent to Michael Barry on 087-2510413, to any Parish Council member, or e-mail to kilmurry@eircom.net A.S.A.P. Thanking you in advance

Blessing of the new year:

In January, the month of darkness
and frost - Be with us, Lord.
In February, the month of rain,
wind and snow - Be with us, Lord.
In March, the month of farmers,
lambs and new life - Be with us, Lord.
In April, the month of swallows, growth
and green grass - Be with us, Lord.
In May, the month of the cuckoo,
flowers and summer - Be with us, Lord.
In June, the month of examinations
and mid-summer sun - Be with us, Lord.
In July, the month of holidays, the dry grass
and the summer's end - Be with us, Lord.
In August, the month of harvest, wheat
and corn - Be with us, Lord.
In September, the month of fruits, schools
and St. Michael - Be with us, Lord.
In October, the month of falling leaves,
nuts and Halloween - Be with us, Lord.
In November, the month of the dead,
the souls and the saints - Be with us, Lord.
In December, the month of the gift, the light
and our Saviour - Be with us, Lord.

provides Pre-Marriage Courses, Natural Family Planning, Achieving a Pregnancy and Menopause Counselling. All at 36 Washington St., Cork. Tel. 021 427 2213. Tues. to Fri., office hours.



The One-Sentence Sermon:
"Give God what is right
not what is left".



"Don't wait for six strong men to take you to church"

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John Crowley, Kilmurry
John O'Callaghan, Teeraveen
Danny Twomey, Curraclough
Peter Lyons, Currabeigh
Mary Lucey, Larchhill
Richard Burke, Gurranleigh
Died Recently

Nora Lehane, Crossmahon
Dermot Moynihan, Canovee
From the Pastor's Desk

World Day of the Sick.
In 1992 Pope John Paul II instituted the World Day of the Sick, to be celebrated each year on Feb. 11, the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes. Anybody who has ever been in Lourdes cannot fail to have a whole new understanding of the nature and prevalence of sickness in the world. When we ourselves are well, or reasonably so, we can take our health for granted. Visit any hospital any day of the year and you feel like falling on your knees to give thanks to God.

Yet very few, if any, get through life without suffering - not only our own, but that of those near and dear to us. The Jewish author of "The Song of Bernadette" on seeing the suffering at Lourdes, and the faith, the peace and courage of those who bore it, as well as the charity and compassion of the helpers, wrote in amazement: "for those who believe no explanation is necessary, for those who do not believe no explanation is possible.

The theme of this year's celebrations is "Alcohol Awareness". We have heard much recently of the damage being done to young lives, to families and to society by the abuse of alcohol. If you are touched in your life or family by the consequences of alcohol abuse you will need no incentive to pray on Tuesday. When Fr. Matthew founded the Temperance Movement and Fr. Cullen the Pioneers they turned to those who had no problem with drink themselves and asked them to offer up their own right to drink by taking the pledge in reparation for the sins of those who abused it as well as praying for those who found it impossible to drink in moderation.

The public at large are often unaware of the fact that alcoholism is an illness, and how difficult it is for those who suffer from the addiction to give it up. The members of Alcoholics Anonymous will tell you that an alcoholic is incapable of taking one drink and leaving it at that. His or her only hope is to get treatment, join AA and with the help of the wonderful spiritually based philosophy they learn to live by, to live a life of contented sobriety. Should you need help you can in confidence approach either Fr. O'Driscoll or myself.

On Tuesday we will have special Masses here in the parish for the sick. At these we will be anointing the sick who wish to receive it. Remember we do not have to be seriously ill to receive that anointing. It can be any form of illness to which 'flesh is heir to'. All that is necessary is that we have faith in Him who during his life 'went about doing good and healing the sick that were brought to Him'. He commissioned the Apostles, and their successors, to continue his work to the end of time.



Think About It
Don't let your parents down,
they brought you up.
Be humble enough to obey,
You may give orders some day.
Chose your companions with care,
You become what they are.
Guard your thoughts, what you think
Is what you are.
Be master of your habits
or they will master you.
Pay attention when you drive,
Drive safely and arrive.
Resist pressure, stand up,
Or you'll fall for anything.
Keep God in your life,
He is always there for you.

The One-Sentence Sermon:
Give God what is right, not what is left.


Don't wait for six strong men to take you to church

Prayer for Vocations
God our Father, send workers into your harvest. May the Spirit we received in Baptism touch the hearts of many to offer themselves in priesthood, religious life, and other forms of service. Give the parents and families of our parish, the wisdom and courage to support young people, in searching for and following the call of God in their lives

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Dating, Sex, Love and You -

How to Survive and find true love. Click Here

"STOP smoking, Click Here

Recent E-mails
All information I receive will be forwarded
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Dear sir/Madam

Do you know anything about the Estate of Castlemore up to 1900 and if so who were the coachmen employed around then.

C. K.

( If anyone reading this has any information, please
Click Here to send it to Kilmurronline and I will forward it. P.S.)

My name is Mary McNamara (Conroy) and I was born and raised in Farnanes, Co.Cork. Ireland and even I have just now discovered your website and would like to post a personal message in your 'EXILES' section.

I have never been in Kilmurry Parish since my family home is located in the Farran parish, my family attended school in Cloughduv and in Macroom and we all attended mass in Cloughduv, so maybe I am an honorary member of Kilmurry Parish. I am currently living in Toronto, Canada and would love to be part of the Exiles Page??.

Mmy sister Breda and her family live the parish at the Service Station in Beal Na Blath. Please advise what steps I should follow in order to post a message.

By the way, I received a hard copy of your news letter from my old friend and former neighbour Pat Corcoran at the Farnanes Post Office. This is a great way to be in touch with HOME.

I will wait to hear from you, by the way your website is great.

Mary McNamara

Well done on your revitalised website. Keep up the Good work!
Happy Christmas to all who work on the web and every success in 2003
Martina Murray

My Great Great Grandparents John Long who married Mary Davenport, were from Kilmurry. They had 4 children that I know of, two of whom Peter Long and Denis Long were born in 1844 and 1846 respectively. I am presuming therefore that John and Mary would have been born in the period 1800/1810 approx. I don't have dates of birth for their two other sons Jack Long who married a Hannah Linehan in 1871 and Jeremiah Long who remained unmarried.

I know that Denis Long married Abbey(Gobnait) Sullivan on the 31 July 1869 in Cloghduve. (This is my line). Gobnait is supposed to be from Lissarda and was the daughter of Thomas (Thomas Rua) Sullivan and Mary Connor. Gobnait was baptised Abigail and she was born on the 25 November 1848 and she is reputed to have had 3 brothers Jeremiah, John and James and 1 sister. Denis Long was living in Kilcondy at the time of his marriage to Abbey.

I am wondering whether perhaps it might be possible for me to establish any information about John Long and Mary Davenport from your Church records. Any help and assistance which you can give me in this regard would be very much appreciated.
Yours sincerely,

Sean Long


Dear All,
Congratulations on an excellent Website. This is my first visit and I certainly will be re-visiting.

Now to the purpose of my email. I recently visited Kilmurry searching for the grave of my grandfather and his people, but to no avail. They lived in the townland of Castlemore and despite of our best efforts we found nothing. However talking to some locals and others since I understand that Fr Tim O Sullivan of Cloughduv is putting the parish records on CD. I would be very interested in this when it is available. Perhaps you could advise me on the progress of this project.

For the record this is my family history in regards to Castlemore:
My grandfather, Timothy Sullivan was born in Castlemore in 1854. We don't know when but he moved to Cork City where he became an agent for the Prudential Insurance Company.His first wife, Annie died in 1898. I know nothing more about her as the only evidence is her death certificate.
He maried his second wife, Hanna Coleman, in 1899. She was from Glanmire and she was my grandmother.
Timothy died on the 10 May 1927 and the newspaper notice says that he was buried at 'South Kilmurry' Hence my searching the local cemetaries.

To fill in the picture the following is the other information that I have:
Timothy's father was a Patrick Sullivan, born about 1819. His wife's name was Hannah-surname unknown.
In Griffiths Valuation for 1852 his address is given as Castlemore, parish of Moviddy. He had a house in fee from Richard T Rye. There were two children that I know of Timothy, my grandfather, and Daniel, born 1863.
Finally he is shown in the 1901 census at the same address, with his wife. It states that he is a retired quarryman and that he is blind.He does not appear in the 1911 census.

I would be grateful if any of your site viewers and others can add to my information on my Kilmurry connections.
In the meantime I look forward to the CD.

Keep up the good work.
Yours truly
Frank Nash

Cork City


Dear Sirs:
I am in the process of trying to locate the exact place in County Cork from which my Buckley ancestors emigrated to the United States in 1836. On Murthey Buckley's tombstone is written: "a native of Ireland, county of Cork, parrish of Conway." Several years ago, a genealogist in Dublin led us to believe that "Conway" is the old name for "Convamore," an estate which lies adjacent to Ballyhooly. However, Irish researcher Tom O'Leary recently found information which indicates that "Conway" is probably a mis-spelling of "Cannaway," a civil parish within the Catholic parish of Kilmurry.
So now I am concentrating on Kilmurry, and I find that at least one Buckley family currently lives in that village. I would very much like to contact them and wonder whether you could provide me with their address. Perhaps they would know of a Murthey and Catherine Buckley, with young son John Franklin, who left County Cork in 1836.
Any assistance you can give me will be greatly appreciated.

Mary Van Gorden
Black River Falls, Wisconsin USA

A recent posting on your website, "Thomas Desmond was born in Parish Canavee" is of interest to me. My great-great grandfather, Thomas Desmond [son of Patrick Desmond and Hanora Lyons Desmond] is said to have been born in Parish Canavaa.
Can you tell me where that parish is? He was born perhaps as early as 1810. John and Patrick Desmond may have been his brothers, or relatives. Thomas emigrated to Canada about 1840 and then to the U.S. Any help you can give me in tracing either the Desmond or Lyons families will be greatly appreciated.

Maribelle Leflang

All information I receive will be forwarded
Click Click here to contact me 

  Adverts, News, Gossip. Happenings  and Meetings.  

Canovee ICA

meeting in Canovee hall on Wed Feb 12th at 8:00 pm Mrs Pat Lynch will give a demonstration on some interesting crafts. All welcome.

Canovee Historical Society
Meeting in Canovee Hall on Thurs 13th Feb at 8:30 pm. Lecture by historian Nora Hickey on "The Battle of Kinsale" Admission free.

Set & Céilí Dancing
Like To Participate In Set & Céilí Dancing? Step by step course for beginners (adults) starting on Wed next 12th Feb at 9:00 pm in Crookstown Hall. For further details 087 6376658.

St. Mary's Transition Year
Presents 'Applause' Variety Show. Extracts include Grease, Oliver, Cats, Joseph & His Technicolour Dream Coat & many more. At the Briery Gap Macroom from Tues 4th - Thurs 6th March at 8pm & matinee Wed 5th March. Tickets available at Briery Gap €8 & €5 for concessions.

Gay Girl Boutique Macroom
Get your skates on! Massive clearout sale. Reductions to ½ price. Just in Communion dresses etc. 026 41590.

A Gala Fundraiser
in Newcestown Hall on Sun 9th Feb from 3-5pm. Consists of An Auction; Bring and Buy; Football boot and helmet sale; Valentines Draw; Raffle; fun competitions & cake sale. Mary from DJ Murphy's Garden Centre speaks on Spring Gardens (separate room). All funds raised will be used by the school to purchase necessary equipment for the children. Come along & enjoy a fun day as well as lending your support to the school.

Grinds Available
Home Economics Social & Scientific Grinds available 1 to 1 or small groups in own home if required Tel 087 6742887 or 021 7336065

Valentine's Special
at Vanity Place Beauty Salon. Tel Norma 7432988
Booking time.

Website News:
If you have family members in other countries they might like to know
that all Parish Newsletters since the 20th of July can now be viewed on the Parish Website.

The Website had almost 5000 visitors from the 1st of January 2002 to 31st of December 2002. Approx 50 % were from Ireland, 23% from the US.
16.2% from the UK.1.5% from The Netherlands. Approx 1% each from Italy, Canada, Spain, New Zealand, Hungary, Switzerland, Brazil, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Poland.

Clubs and Organisations in the Parish who would like to have information on their Organisation and its activities included on the Parish Website E-mail: kilmurryonline@eircom.net

or Phone 087-2243019 for information.
No Cost involved

This free service is available to all Parish Organisations

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G.A.A. & Sport Notes & News

Canovee GAA

Lotto: Winning nos. 1-7-22. No winner. Next week's lotto €1,800 in Carrigadrohid. Spin the wheel Loretto O'Riordan. All club activities this weekend cancelled Due to the death of our esteemed member Mr. Dermot Moynihan

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St. Val's Ladies Football Club
Club Dinner Dance on Sat 15th Feb in the Abbey Hotel, Ballyvourney. Tickets €25 each. Contact Lisa Foley 026 46034, Helen Hinchion 021 7336023, Mairead Murphy 021 7336066 or 087 8580937

Lissarda Football Club

Kilmurry GAA.

Lotto: Winning nos. 9-19-30. No winner. Next week's jackpot €1,600 at the Spreading Chestnut Mon 10th Feb.

Roinn Na nÓg Cil Mhuire
Elected officers at AGM
Chairman - R. Hinchion
Vice-Chairman - E. Neville
Secretary - T. O'Sullivan
Assistant Secretary - E. Shorten
PRO - N. O'Dowd
Mid-Cork Board Delegate - D McCarthy
Developing Officer - T. Hartnett

Cloughduv Hurling Club

Kilmurry Athletic Club

Cloughduv camogie club

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