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"Holy Father, Let me die in your grace.
Forgiveness is a virtue so humble in this place.
The temple heaves its way into my life.
O Holy Father for this I strife"

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Sunking Face
Last Updated: 9-May-2001

Vocals: Monkey O Keefe

Sunking are an Irish Rock Band who put on a fantastic show of Classic metal/rock songs with a good mix of their own original songs.

They Are: (correct at time of writing!)
      Monkey O'Keeffe (Pictured Left) ~ Vocals
      Owen "Stoney" Leahy ~ Guitars
      Mark "Wombat" Hickey ~ Guitars
      Gary Pearson ~ Bass
      Keith "Fireball" McKoy ~ Drums

Live MP3's:
      * Indulge in My Madness (Sunking Original ~ 30sec Clip Only)
      * Fire on the Hill (Sunking Original ~ 30sec Clip Only)
      Here I Go Again
      Back in Black
      Sweet Child o'Mine
* At the request of the band, the Sunking original MP3's have been reduced to 30 second clips.
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