Association of Women's Committees for Social Work In Palestine

The WATC aims at bringing women's issues to the center of all spheres of life in Palestine and achieving equality between women and men. WATC organizations work together for the abolition of all forms of discrimination against women in preparation for the creation of a civic democratic society characterized by equality and social.  You can read more on their website.

This is a list of organizations and projects,  founded by women,  and working  to achieve  equality and improve the lives of women in under- developed countries today.






Agarbatti Workers, India




Like all areas of this site this page is still under construction.  If you know of a project that belongs here please let me know

Self Employed Women's' Association, India

SEWA orgainses women workers to achieve their goals of full employment and self reliance through the strategy of struggle and development. The struggle is against the many constraints and limitations imposed on them by society and the economy, while development activities strengthen women’s bargaining power and offer them new alternatives.  Visit their website.


Tenaganita works to improve the lives of sex workers, migrants and female workers in plantations and factories. Visit their homepage.

Women and Small Farmers' Federation, Sultanpur, India

This organisation was founded by women peasants to fight for fair pay for farm labourers.  It now takes on a variety of womens' causes.  This article in Womens Net has further information


MADRE is a US based International Human Rights Organisation demanding Human Rights for Women & Families.

It works in partnership with community-based women’s organizations in conflict areas worldwide to address issues of health, education, economic development and other human rights. MADRE works with women who are affected by violations to help them win justice and, ultimately, change the conditions that give rise to human rights abuses. It is currently running programs in  Mexico, Cuba, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Palestine and Rwanda.