Fishery Renewal..

It has been three seasons since the group have taken over the running of the fishery and changes have been made in many areas.

New boats and engines were bought,(we like to think that our new craft are excellent drifters,comfortable to fish from,and are very stable). Casting stands have been replaced,weeds cut,and the monumental task of clearing the river banks undertaken. The banks were impossibly overgrown in places, and the job is like painting the Forth bridge,when you have finished at one end, you must start again at the other! For the first time in many years it is now possible to fish all the named pools on the river.

A source of great interest and satisfaction for everybody concerned was the creation of new pools,now into its second phase.The first phase involved the creation of two new pools above Tullywee bridge in July 1999 (photographs here).These two pools have become firm favourites with anglers,and top fish producers in the 2000 season.

In the 2000 season three pools were created between the boat pool and the Castle lake,a shallow run was deepened and three sets of paired divertors made from large stone to steer the flow into the pools.These pools are very easy to access and fish,and alsohave proved invaluable for teaching newcomers as casting is unobstructed.

Pictured left, Benedicts pool before (above) and after.

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