Fishing within reach.

Lough Ramor: Nearly all of this lake is fishable from the bank. It contains bream, perch, rudd, eels and trout.

Rampart River: This pleasant river has been stocked with rudd, bream and trench, but it also has pike, perch and trout.

Lisgrey Lake: A small lake on the Cavaan road about a mile from the town. This lake has been stocked with tench, and also contains bream and pike.

Gallon Lake: Stocked with tench and has bream, rudd, pike and perch.

Lough Sheelin: This beautiful lake, 10 miles from Virginia, is perhaps Ireland’s best trout fishing lake. Large pike and perch also abound.

River Blackwater: A slow flowing river with head waters in Lough Ramor: offers pike, perch, trout and salmon.

Cornaslieve, Quilca, Mullagh, Milmore, Corratinure and Lacken Lakes. All within five mile radius of Virginia, stocked with bream, rudd. Pike and perch.

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