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The following are a selection of problems which I have encountered and, I believe, overcome. I do not claim infallibility, many of the identifications are from contemporary notations, which are not always reliable; if I have fallen into errors please do let me know.

The constituencies given are those represented at the date of the cover from which the image is taken. Individuals often represented different constituencies at different dates.

By and large the signatures of archbishops and bishops are easily identified, they signed with the name of their See, as H Carlisle or Edward Hereford, often using the Latin form: Cantuar, Cicest, Dunelm, Sarum, Winton, Ebor, etc.

A1094 Sir Andrew Agnew, Bt. 1793-1849, MP for Wigtownshire. A4640 Sir George Anson, 1769-1849, MP for Lichfield. A5069 George Anson, 1797-1857, MP for Gt. Yarmouth.
Sir John Barrow, Bt., 2nd Secrtetary to the Admiralty Earl of Belfast, 1797-1833, MP for Carrickfergus, Co Antrim. Valentine John Blake, 1780-1847. MP for Galway City.
George Stevens Byng, 1806-1886. MP for Chatham, Kent. 12th Earl of Caithness, 1766-1823. P.M.G. for Scotland. Thomas William Coke, 1752-1842. MP for Norfolk.
Sir Nicholas Colthurst, Bt., 1789-1829. MP for Cork City. 1st Earl De Grey, 1781-1859 4th Baron Ducie, 1775-1840
Viscount Duncannon, 1781-1847. MP for Nottingham. 3rd Baron Dynevor, 1765-1852. Edward Ellice, 1781-1863. MP for Coventry, Warwickshire.
Sir William John Henry Brown Ffolkes, Bt., 1786-1860. MP for Norfolk. 4th Earl of Fife, 1776-1857 2nd Duke of Gloucester, 1776-1834.
Robert Gordon, 1786-1864. MP for Cricklade, Wiltshire. Sir Robert Heron, Bt., 1765-1854. MP for Peterborough, Northants. Richard Hodgson, b.1812. MP for Berwick on Tweed, Northumberland.
10th Earl of Home, 1769-1841. 3rd Baron Hotham, 1794-1870. MP for Leominster, Herefordshire. Charles Denham Orlando Jephson, 1799-1888. MP for Mallow, Ireland.
Duke of Kent & Strathern, 1767-1820. David Latouche, jnr., d.1816. MP for County Carlow. 6th Duke of Leeds, 1775-1838.
Francis Leigh, c1757-1839. MP for New Ross, Co. Wexford. William Thomas Money, 1769-1834. MP for St Michaels, Cornwall. 2nd Baron Montagu, 1776-1845.
Baron Mounteagle (2nd Marquess of Sligo), 1788-1845. William Smith O'Brien, 1803-1864. MP for Co. Limerick, Ireland. Lord Francis Godolphin Osborne, 1775-1850. MP for Cambridgeshire.
Earl of Ossory, 1808-1854.
MP for Co. Kilkenny, Ireland.
Robert Townley Parker, 1793-1879. MP for Preston, Lancashire. Sir Robert Peel, Bt., 1788-1850.
MP for Tamworth, Staffordshire.
William Henry Percy, 1788-1855.
MP for Stamford, Lincolnshire.
Edward Robert Petre, 1794-1848. MP for York City. Charles Frederick Ashley Cooper Ponsonby, 1815-1896. MP for Poole, Dorset.
Thomas Spring Rice, 1790-1866.
MP for Cambridge Borough.
3rd Baron Rodney, 1782-1842. Charles Edmond Rumbold, 1788-1857.
MP for Gt. Yarmouth, Norfolk.
Charles De Laet Waldo Sibthorp, 1783-1855.
MP for Lincoln City.
Henry Francis Scott, 1800-1867.
MP for Roxburgh, Scotland.
Sir John Stewart, 1757-1825.
MP for Tyrone, Ireland.
6th Viscount Strangford, 1780-1855. Earl of Surrey, (Henry Charles Howard) 1791-1856.
MP for Horsham, Sussex.
1st Baron Templemore, 1797-1837.
Masterton Ure, 1777-1863.
MP for Weymouth, Dorset.
Isaac Newton Wigney, 1795-1844.
MP for Brighton, Sussex.
10th Earl of Westmorland, 1759-1841.
Marquis of Worcester (Henry Somerset), 1792-1853.
MP for Monmouth Borough.
2nd Baron Yarborough, 1781-1846.