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Whilst the importance of providing full citations for research material is appreciated I no longer have ready access to the sources from which the information was drawn over ten years ago, and only spasmodically to my research notes. Rather than allow it to sink back into oblivion I present it with such details of sources as I have. Corrected or expanded details would be welcomed.

Admin Administration extracts taken by E Law Borthwick Institute, York.
Ahier Stones P Ahier Mss Huddersfield Inscriptions. WYA, Kirklees
Almby PR Almondbury Parish Registers Huddersfield Local History Library
Brewsters Annual returns WYA, Wakefield
Brewsters 20.9.1806 and 14.9.1807 Brewsters Calendar WYA, Leeds. RAD 1 309
Briefs Collections WYA, Kirklees
Building Clubs Research notes Edward Law
Buildings of Huddersfield Wyles Published book
C296- Collections WYA, Wakefield
Carriage Builders Research notes Edward Law


Huddersfield Chronicle Newspaper
Church Minutes

Churchwardens Minutes

Huddersfield Parish Church minute book  
Court Rolls Collections WYA, Kirklees
DD Collections WYA, Kirklees
Diary of Antiquary Newspaper articles 24.8.1891 et seq Huddersfield Daily Chronicle
Directory Trade Directory Stated year
Dispensary Huddersfield Dispensary minutes Huddersfield Local History Library
Examiner Huddersfield Examiner Newspaper
Fleet Papers   Printed book
Grave … Grave inscription Huddersfield Parish Church E Law collection
Halifax … Collections WYA, Halifax
Hanson Recollections Huddersfield Examiner
Hfx G Halifax Guardian Newspaper
Hordern Mss notebook of A Hordern WYA, Kirklees
HPR Huddersfield Parish Registers Huddersfield Local History Library
Hudds Apprentice Book   Tolson Museum, possibly now WYA, Kirklees
Hudds PR Huddersfield Parish Registers Huddersfield Local History Library
Hudds Terrier Terrier of Huddersfield Parish Church WYA, Kirklees
Hulbert Annals of Almondbury Published Book
Indictment Book   WYA, Wakefield
KC Collections WYA, Kirklees
Kirkheaton PR Kirkheaton Parish Registers Huddersfield Local History Library
Land Tax Annual Land Tax Returns WYA, Wakefield
Leeds Archives … Collections WYA, Leeds.
London Will Will extracts taken by E Law London.
Mercury Leeds Mercury Newspaper
Mercury/Ahier Mss P Ahier, extracts from Leeds Mercury. WYA, Kirklees
Minutes HIC Huddersfield Improvement Commissioners WYA, Kirklees
Misc. Will Will extracts taken by E Law Borthwick Institute, York.
New Hey Turnpike    
Pew Rent Record of pew rents, Huddersfield Parish Church  
Plan Collection of plans WYA, Kirklees
Poll Poll book for the county of Yorkshire Printed book
Prosecuting Society    

Quarter Sessions

Quarter Sessions Collections WYA, Wakefield
Rad papers Radcliffe Collection WYA, Leeds
Ramsden Correspondence Ramsden collections WYA, Kirklees
Rate Book Huddersfield Rate Books WYA, Kirklees
Recog Alehouse recognisances WYA, Wakefield

QE 32 67

Redmond, George Law & Disorder Published Book
RoD Registry of Deeds. Wakefield
RP … Collections WYA, Halifax
RR & survey Ramsden Rental & survey WYA, Kirklees
RR Disb Ramsden Rental, Disbursments section. WYA, Kirklees
Sessions Roll   WYA,Wakefield
Smart Printing The Prisoner. Thomas Smart Published Book
Survey Ramsden Rental & survey WYA, Kirklees
Thornhill Lease Thornhill papers WYA, Kirklees
Turner Diary 18th Century Huddersfield Published book
W Exam

Wkly Ex

Huddersfield Weekly Examiner Newspaper
WDD Collections WYA, Kirklees
Will Will extracts taken by E Law Borthwick Institute, York.
WYA   West Yorkshire Archives.
YAS … Collections Yorkshire Archaeological Society

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