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An assembly of research notes garnered from various sources during the course of many years of local history research. The information is freely available for use by all, other than for the purposes of trade, subject only to due acknowledgement. I have no doubt that much useful information is to be found in the census returns, which have not been pursued and, indeed from the internet.


3PC                 Three Parish Churches, P Ahier.
BRITTEN        Old clocks & watches & their makers, F J Britten
DINSDALE     The old clockmakers of Yorkshire, N V Dinsdale.
DIRECTORY  Trade directories of the date stated.
                                    1805-7 Holdens
                                    1809-11 Holdens
                                    1814 Pigots
                                    1816 Pigots
                                    1818-20 Pigots
                                    1822-23 Pigots
                                    1841 Pigots
                                    1845 Williams

EPR                 Elland Parish Registers
FICHE             Mormon microfiche.
HC                   Huddersfield Chronicle
HDE                Huddersfield Daily Examiner
HG                   Halifax Guardian
HH                   History of Huddersfield& its vicinity, D F E Sykes.
HPR                 Huddersfield Parish Registers
HRB                Huddersfield Rate Book
HSL                 Huddersfield subscription library founders, G W Tomlinson.
HWE               Huddersfield Weekly Examiner.
KPR                Kirkheaton Parish Registers
LM                  Leeds Mercury
LOOMES        Yorkshire clockmakers, B Loomes
QS                   Quarter Sessions records.
RoD                 Registry of Deeds
RR                   Ramsden Rental
TMM               Tolson Memorial Museum, Huddersfield
WPR                Woodhouse Parish Registers

1820 John Anderton of Huddersfield, silversmith. [RoD HR 631 597]
1822-3 John Alderton, Cross Church St, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1826 Assignees of Dobsons, bankers, to John Anderton of Huddersfield, watchmaker, house & shop in Cross Church Street, in occupation of said John Anderton. [RoD IU 584 531]
1826 John Anderton to Timothy Bentley. [RoD IU 585 532]
1838 John Anderton, watchmaker at Gargrave. [Loomes]
1843 Bentleys to John Anderton, late of Huddersfield, now of Gisburn, watchmaker. [RoD OK 602 582]
1843 John Anderton late of Huddersfield now of Gisburn, clock & watch maker, & jeweller, and Jane his wife formerly Slack, widow, nee Ayrton. Including shop at Cross Church Street in occupation of Mr Swann.  [RoD OS 334 327]
c1770 Huddersfield. [Britten]
1771-2 Not in Ramsden Rental
1771 Employed by John Stancliffe, clockmaker. [Loomes]
1786 Wanted, a journeyman clock-maker. Apply Mr William Arwen, clock & watch maker, Huddersfield. [LM 14.3.1786]
1790 Huddersfield. [Dinsdale]
c1790 William Arwen, watchmaker [Directory]
1795 Working [Loomes]
1798-9 Not in Ramsden Rental.
BATES, JOSHUA [died 1841]
1814 Joshua Bates, watch & clock maker, King Street. [Directory]
1814 Huddersfield. [Dinsdale]
1815 Joshua Bates & Mary Hick, both of this parish, married by Licence, both sign. [HPR]
1815 King St., Josa Bates (£1.1.8) [HRB]
1816 Eliza dau. of Joshua & Mary Bates, Huddersfield, watchmaker. [HPR]
1816 Joshua Bates, King Street, Watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1818-20 Joshua Bates, King Street, Watch & clock maker, jeweller, silversmith. [Directory]
1822 Joshua Bates of Huddersfield, watchmaker & jeweller, & Mary his wife, daughter of John Hick [licensee of Green Dragon Inn, Kirkgate] [RoD HQ 272 222]
1822 Wanted, journeyman watchmaker, J Bates, watchmaker, King St.[LM 4.5.1822]
1822 King Street. [Loomes]
1822-3 Joshua Bates, King Street, Watch & clock maker, jeweller, silversmith. [Directory]
1824 Wanted, journeyman watchmaker, Mr Joshua Bates, Huddersfield. [LM 18.9.1824]
1827 Death of Mary, wife of Joshua Bates, watchmaker, Huddersfield. [HPR]
1828 Joshua Bates, Huddersfield, silversmith. [RoD LH 466 492]
1830 King St., Josa Bates [deleted] Bradley, marked ‘empty’ (£1.1.8) [HRB]
1830 No Bates on New Street. [HRB]
1830 Joshua Bates, King Street, watch & clock maker, silversmith & jeweller. [Directory]
1834 Joshua Bates, New Street, watch & clock maker, silversmith & jeweller. [Directory]
1834 Joshua Bates, Huddersfield, silversmith, executor of will of John Edwards. [RoD LU 119 124]
1834-7 New Street. [Loomes]
1835 New St., Josa Bates, House & shop (£1.6.8) [HRB]
1840 Stolen, gold skeleton lever watch, No. 7782, Maker Joshua Bates, Huddersfield. [LM 29.2.1840]
1841 Death of Joshua Bates, Huddersfield. [HPR]
1844 Eliza Bates of Dalton, daughter of Joshua Bates, silversmith, married to John Hutton Fisher Kendall, Clerk of Kirkby Lonsdale. [KPR]
nd Joshua Bates, silversmith, was at one time at a shop in King Streetand later at the bottom of Cloth Hall Street. [HSL]
There are two watchpapers for Bates “Bates, jeweller, silversmith, Huddersfield, watches made Cleaned & repaired. Mourning rings expeditiously made.” “Bates Watch & clock maker, Huddersfield, silversmith & jeweller.” Could be for J H Bates, qv. [TMM],
1841 John Henry Bates, watch & clock maker 42 new Street. [Directory]
1843 Mr Bates, watchmaker, fronting New Street & Cloth Hall Street. [HG]
1844 Shop of J H Bates, silversmith, Huddersfield. [LM 2.3.1844]
1845 John Henry Bates, 44 New Street, watch & clock maker & jeweller. House, West Place, Dalton. [Directory]
Watch with silvered dial ‘J H Bates Huddersfield’ [TMM]
Early 19th century Clockmaker. 30 hour long case clock reported signed “’Jos Belles, Huddersfield. [Loomes]
A grandfather clock signed Boles, Huddersfield. Possibly 18th century. [Personal communication]
1770 Huddersfield [Britten]
1770 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1770 Huddersfield [Loomes]
1790 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1790 Huddersfield [Loomes]
c1790 John Booth, watchmaker [Directory]
See Hannah Booth.
1796 Mrs Booth, watchmaker, occupies a messuage at Top of Kirkgate, near market place
1805-7 Hannah Booth, watchmaker & silversmith. [Directory]
1809-11 Hannah Booth, silversmith. [Directory]
1814 – Bradley, Church Street, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1814 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1814 Huddersfield [Loomes]
1816 John Bradley (music dealer) Church Street, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1818-20 Bradley John (Music dealer), Macauley Buildings, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1834 John Burton, Cross Church Street, watch & clock maker & engraver. [Directory]
1834 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1834 Cross Church Street [Loomes]
1835 72 Manchester Street, John Burton, house, £1.4.0. [HRB]
1835 At 25 Cross Church Street was Barnard Burton, plumber & glazier. [HRB]
1837 72 Manchester Street [Loomes]
1840 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1843 Not at Manchester Street. [HRB]
1866 Watchmaker at 32 Buxton Road. [Loomes]
1850 Baptism of William & Elizabeth Amelia, children of Edward William & Elizabeth Chinn, Bradford Road, watchmaker. [WPR]
1851 Baptism of Alfred Edward son of above, Northgate. [WPR]
1852 E W Chinn, from Coventry, late assistant to Mrs Smith. Manufacturer of patent lever and other watches, removed from Northgate to 11 Market Walk, wants an apprentice. [HC 24.12.1852]
1853 E W Chinn, late assistant to Mrs Smith. [HC 1.1.1853]
1853 Edward William Chinn, 11 Market Walk. [Loomes]
1856 Safe stolen from shop of Mr Chinn, watchmaker, between 8 & 10 September. [HWE 5.4.1856]
1862 Purchased a gold watch off Mr Chinn some years ago. [HC 22.3.1862]
1876 Alfred Smith, jeweller, Westgate, receiver in Bankruptcy of E W Chinn. [HC 2.8.1876]
1878 Correspondence re E W Chinn’s bankruptcy. Alfred Smith, jeweller, Westgate, receiver from 2.9.1876. [??22.6.1878]
c1720 Britten & Dinsdale record a clock by T W Chinn, Huddersfield.
1850-53 15 New Street, in partnership with William Lockwood. [Loomes]
1850-66 Watchmaker & jeweller at New Street. [Loomes]
1866 Watchmaker, 3 Manchester Road. [Loomes]
1853 25 King Street.
1853-66 Watch maker 79 Castlegate. [Loomes]
FRANCE, JOHN, Slaithwaite
1823 John France of Slaithwaite, clock maker. [LM 7.7.1823]
1834 No entry [Directory]
1835 Not at 31 Kirkgate, which was empty. [HRB]
1837 31 Kirkgate [Loomes]
1841 Paul Ganter, clockmaker, 25 Cross Church Street. [Directory]
1843 Paul Ganter, German clock manufacturer, Cross Church Street. [HG 29.7.1843]
1843 25 Cross Church Street, Paul Ganter, house & shop £26. [HRB]
1845 Paul Ganter, clockmaker, 25 Cross Church Street. [Directory]
1850-3 25 Cross Church Street. [Loomes]
1840 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1856 Paul Ganter acknowledges support during past 22 years. [HC 8.11.1856]
1865 Will of Mary Ann Ganter, late of Huddersfield, widow. [RoD 640 317 553]
Britten does not record him but shows other Ganters in London 1835 and Newark 1840.
Loomes suggests he may have come from Barnsley, a long case clock being signed ‘P Ganter, Barnsley’. He queries whether Mrs M A Ganter noted at Spring Street in 1866 may have been successor to Paul.
1810 William Gledhill, Kirkgate 11/11d. [HRB]
1815 Miss Gledhill, Kirkgate, 11/11d [HRB]
1816 Jonathan Gledhill, Kirkgate,
1818-20 Lucy Gledhill, Kirkgate, jeweller & silversmith –not listed under watch & clock makers. [Directory]
1822 Lucy Gledhill, widow. I keep a watchmaker’s shop in Huddersfield. [QS 29.10.1822]
1822-3 Lucy Gledhill, Kirkgate, toy dealer –not under watch & clock makers. [Directory]
1822 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1822 Kirkgate. Suggests she may have been the widow of a clockmaker. [Loomes]
1830 No entry for Lucy Gledhill. [Directory]
1830 Thomas Gledhill, Kirkgate 11/11d [HRB]
1835 Thomas Gledhill, Kirkgate 11/11d [HRB]
1845 No entry for Gledhill. [Directory]
1866 Watchmaker 4 New Street. [Loomes]
HANSON, CHARLES (died 1880)
1830 Northgate, William Hodson (deleted). Charles Hanson entered to his house Feb 5.  18/-.[HRB]
1830 Charles Hanson, Cloth Hall Street, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1833 Huddersfield 1833, London 1839-45. A patent. [Britten & Dinsdale]1834 Charles Hanson, Northgate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1834 Northgate. [Loomes]
1835 100 Northgate, Charles Hanson, house £1 [HRB]
1837 Buxton Road. [Loomes]
1841 Charles Hanson watch maker, 30 Buxton Road. [Directory]
1843 Wednesday last Mr Charles Hanson, watch & clock maker, Buxton Road, trying a newly invented air pistol, the air pump burst and shattered his right hand -2 fingers amputated. A most ingenious mechanic, lately obtained with another a patent for important improvements in guns and other fire arms. [HG 29.4.1843 ]*
1845 Charles Hanson watch maker & jeweller, 29½  Buxton Road. [Directory]
1850-66 Chapel Hill, also sold air guns. [Loomes]
1880 Died on 30 June, age 79, Charles Hanson, watch maker, Chapel Hill. [WE 10.7.1880]
There is a watchpaper “C Hanson, watchmaker, jeweller etc. Huddersfield. Gold rings.” [TMM]
* It seems likely there is a connection with John Hanson of View Place, Lockwood Bar, who founded Hanson, Dale & Co., in 1833, and invented the needle gun in 1866.
c1780 Huddersfield & Halifax [Dinsdale]
1843 Mr Heslop, watchmaker & silversmith, Cross Church Street. [HG 29.7.1843]
1845 Richard Hislop, watch maker, 5 King Street. [Directory]
1845 Richard Hislop, dentist, 5 King Street. [Directory]
1849 Baptism, Herbert son of Richard & Hannah Heslop, King Street, watchmaker. [HPR 15.11.1849]
1850-53 watchmaker, 5 King Street. [Loomes]
c1855 Vestry Clock, St Thomas’s Church, Longroyd Bridgeby Richard Heslop. [Starkey]
1860 New watch making establishment: William Oates, 2 Buxton Road, upwards of 11 years with Mr R Heslop. [HC 24.3.1860]
1868 Alfred Smith, upwards of 19 years assistant to Mr Heslop has commenced business –A Smith & Co., in Cross Church Street, watches & jewellry. [HC 25.7.1868]
1862 Joseph Hinchliffe, watch maker, Moldgreen. [HC 22.3.1862]
1866 Joe Hinchliffe watchmaker at Moldgreen 1866. [Loomes]
1810-14 Huddersfield [Britten & Dinsdale]
1814-22 Huddersfield. [Dinsdale]  Perhaps in error for Huggins.
1805 Joseph Huggins married Mary Legge. [HPR 15.5.1805]
1810-15 Joseph Huggins of Macclesfield 1810-15. London c1830. [Britten]
1810 Kirkgate, Joseph Huggin 2/1d. [HRB]
1814 Joseph Huggins, Kirkgate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1814 J Higgins, Huddersfield. [Dinsdale]
1815 Death of Mary wife of Joseph Higgins, watchmaker, Huddersfield. [HPR]
1815 Kirkgate, James Huggin 2/1d. [HRB]
1816 Joseph Huggins, Kirkgate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1818-20 Joseph Huggins, Kirkgate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1822-3 Joseph Huggins, Kirkgate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1822 J Huggins, Kirkgate [Loomes]
1829 Suicide of Joseph Huggins a poor watchmaker of 75 who lived alone in a small house in Kirkgate, he possessed only 1½d and a stock of materials worth 3½d. [LM 2.5.1829]
1830 Joseph Huggins, Kirkgate. [Directory]
1830 Kirkgate, Joseph Huggins has been deleted and is marked ‘House empty’ 2/1d. [HRB]
1834 Does not appear. [Directory]
1853 21 Lowerhead Row. [Loomes]
1880-1918 Huddersfield. [Britten]
1830 Not at Castlegate [HRB]
1835 Not at Castlegate [HRB]
1837 105 Castlegate [Loomes]
1840 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1843 Not at Castlegate [HRB]
1845 Clock & watch maker and repairer, 9 Fenton Row. [Directory]
1850 Clock & watch maker with shop in Longroyd Lane. [Loomes]
1853 Manchester Road. [Loomes]
1850-53 In partnership with John Cooke at 15 New Street. [Loomes]
1866 Watchmaker,  Paddock.
1866 Watchmaker 19 Cross Church Street. [Loomes]
1866 Clock & watchmaker, 19 Beast Market. [Loomes]
1830 George Milnes, Beast Market 10/-. [HRB]
1830-3 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1833 Huddersfield []Britten]
1834 Beast Market [Loomes]
1835 No Milnes at Beast Market. [HRB]
1830 Not in Kirkgate. [HRB]
1834 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1834 Kirkgate, seller of German clocks. [Loomes]
1835 Not in Kirkgate. [HRB]
1822-30 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1834-7 Clock maker at Mould Green [Loomes]
1841 William Northrop, clock maker, Moldgreen. [Directory]
Perhaps related: 1751 John Brook absconded from his master, William Northorp, clockmaker in Wakefield. [LM 14.5.1751]
1860 New watch making establishment: William Oates, 2 Buxton Road, upwards of 11 years with Mr R Heslop. [HC 24.3.1860]
1755 Watchmaker, formerly at Kirkburton, insolvent in Huddersfield [Loomes]
c1860 Regulator signed by Henry Pearce, with Huddersfield coat of arms on top, in mahogany case with glass front & sides, mercury pendulum. [Loomes]
1883 Pearce & Sons, medalists, 4 New Street, Huddersfield, Leeds & Leicester. [Fine Art Exhibition medal box]
nd Pearce & Sons made the Cloth Hall Clock.
1833 Huddersfield [Britten & Dinsdale]
1834 Shop in New Street. [Loomes]
1866 Watchmaker, Fitzwilliam Street. [Loomes]
1841 William Richardson, watch & clock maker, 51 Westgate. [Directory]
1841 William Richardson, watchmaker, age 35 born Yorkshire, with wife Ellen & son & Daughter, at Westgate. [Census]
1845 William Richardson, watch & clock maker, jeweller, silversmith, optician etc., 15 Market Place, Huddersfield. [Williams’s Directory]
1850 Clock & watch maker 16 Market Place. [Loomes]
1853 Emigrated with his family to Melbourne, Australia, where he continued to trade as a watchmaker and subsequently as an hotelier. [Personal Communication of a descendant]
nd There is a mantel clock “Richardson, Huddersfield” at Red House museum, Gomersall.
1798/9 William Robinson, Stile Common 10/-. [RR Almondbury]
c1800 Watch movement signed ‘Wm Robinson, Huddersfield No. 506’.
c1800 Watch [Loomes]
1809-11 William Robinson, clock maker, King Street. [Directory]
1810 King Street, William Robinson, house empty. [HRB]
1845 Clock & watch maker, 29 Castlegate [Directory]
1830 No Rutherford in King Street. [HRB]
1835 King Street, 82, House & shop, George Rutherford £3. [HRB]
1837 85 King Street. [Loomes]
1840 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1841 George Rutherford watch & clock maker, 85 King Street. [Directory]
1837 Shop in Dock Street. [Loomes]
1840 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
George Savage born Howden 1730, was a weaver, served in 23 Foot 1750-57, lost use of his limbs and became a watch repairman at Huddersfield. He had a son George, born Huddersfield1767 married Hannah Whiteley 1787. [Personal Communication**]
1767 Baptism, George son of – Savage. [HPR 2.10.1767]
1775 Huddersfield. Lived at Huddersfield, Patent 1808, afterwards of London, Finally to Montreal where he founded a retail business. [Britten]
1787 Married at Elland, George Savage of this parish, clock maker & Hannah Whiteley, spinster, by banns. He signs. [EPR]
1795 Baptism of George son of George & Hannah Savage at Highfield Chapel (others in 1795, 1802 & 1808). [Fiche]
1802-22 Huddersfield (quotes Britten) [Loomes]
1805-7 George Savage, watchmaker. [Directory]
1808 George Savage of Huddersfield, watchmaker, re Highfield Chapel. [RoD FE 374 529]
1809-11 George Savage, watchmaker. [Directory]
1810 Market Place, George Savage 17/6. [HRB]
1810 Moved to London [Personal communication**]
1814 George Savage, Market Place, jeweller. [Directory]
1814 George Savage, New Street, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1815 Market Place, George Savage 17/6d. [HRB]
1816 George Savage, Market Place, jeweller & silversmith. [Directory]
1816 George Savage, New Street, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1816 Savage, the watchmaker of Huddersfield, has also been arrested [for debt] [Radcliffe papers]
1818 Savage opened his Montreal Business [House of Birks*]
1818-20 George Savage, Market Place/New Street, watch & clock maker, jeweller and silversmith.
1819 Churchwardens accounts -G Savage for clock and repairs. [3PC, p160]
1822 Robbery at Dewsbury watchmaker (Joseph Robinson) one of the watches by George Savage, Huddersfield. [LM 20.7.1822]
1822 Commission of Bankrupt dated 20.1.1817 against George Savage, Huddersfield, watchmaker. Meeting at Swan Inn to make 1st & final dividend. [LM 26.10.1822] [It seems likely that after this he removed to Montreal –Personal Communication**]
1822-3 No mention. [Directory]
1827 Theft from Deighton Methodist New Connexion Chapel -8 day clock, maker G Savage. [LM 23.6.1827]
1830 No Savage in Market Place. [HRB]
c1855 Died. (Biography much as Britten above.) [Dinsdale]
Much directed research has been undertaken on the Canadian watchmaker. Two published works are relevant: The George Savage’s family by A B Savage**; *The house of Birks by A R George.
G Schwerer & Co., German clock maker, Huddersfield. [LM 29.5.1824]
1753 Clockmaker, 38 Northgate. [Loomes]
1814 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1815 No Selby in Church St. [HRB]
1818-20 Richard Selby, Cross Church St., watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1817 Marriage of Richard Selby & Amelia Brook, both of this parish, he signs, she marks, witt. John Brook. [HPR 27.1.1817]
1817 Baptism of Eliza daughter of Richard & Amelia Selby, Huddersfield, watchmaker. [HPR 20.4.1817]
1822 Married Amelia Selby, spinster, to John Ward, bachelor, both of this parish. Was she actually a widow? [KPR 5.7.1822]
It appears there may have been two Alfred Smiths working in Huddersfieldat the same time. See also under William Smith.
1868 Alfred Smith, upwards of 19 years assistant to Mr Heslop has commenced business –A Smith & Co., in Cross Church Street, watches & jewellry. [HC 25.7.1868]
1841 Huddersfield [Dinsdale] Perhaps for Martha.
1825 W Smith, clock & watch maker, Kirkgate, Huddersfield, wants a journeyman. [LM 1.1.1825]
1830 No Smith at Kirkgate [HRB]
1830 William Smith, Kirkgate, watch & clock maker (and toys)[Directory]
1830-40 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1832 Mr Smith, watchmaker, Huddersfield, injured in a coach accident. [LM 11.8.1832]
1834 William Smith, Kirkgate, watch & clock maker and jeweller & silversmith. [Directory]
1834-7 93 Kirkgate [Loomes]
1835 Kirkgate 93, Wm Smith, house & shop £7.10.0. [HRB]
1841 William Smith, 93 Kirkgate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1841 William Smith died, age 42. [Grave]
1841 William Smith, father of Alfred Smith, watchmaker. Was secretary of Buxton Road Wesleyan Sunday School from 1829. He died in 1841 age 42. [History of BRWSS]
1843 Kirkgate, Smith, House & shop £72. [HRB]
1845 Martha Smith, 93 Kirkgate, watch & clock maker & jeweller. [Directory]
1847 Kirkgate 93, Martha Smith, £72 [HRB]
1850 Mrs Martha Smith, watchmaker, successor of William Smith at 93 Kirkgate. [Loomes]
1851 Alfred Smith,  clock & watch maker, 93 Kirkgate, succeeded to the business carried on by his father, late William Smith, and of later years in the name of Mrs M Smith. Acknowledges support over the last 30 years. [?? 6.9.1851]
1853 Martha, relict of William Smith, died age 52. [Grave]
1853 E W Chinn, late assistant to Mrs Smith. [HC 1.1.1853]
1853 Alfred Smith 4 Kirkgate. [Loomes]
1862 Ladies gold lever, gold dial, enamelled case watch No 4396 by Alfred Smith, Huddersfield [HC 22.3.1862]
1868 Alfred Smith, Kirkgate, Huddersfield, Clocks & watches. [HC 25.7.1868]
1876 Alfred Smith, jeweller, Westgate, receiver in Bankruptcy of E W Chinn. [HC 2.8.1876]
1883 Alfred Smith, clock & watch maker established over 50 years. [Fine Art Exhibition catalogue]
1884 Eliza youngest daughter of William & Martha Smith died age 43. [Grave]
nd There are watch papers  “Smith clock & watch maker Huddersfield, engraving neatly executed.” and “Wm Smith clock & watch maker, Huddersfield, engraving neatly executed”  [TMM].
Details of clock of Wm Smith, typical of 1840s. There were 2 William Smiths, son born c1795, at 93 Kirkgate 1834-37, died some time before 1850 when his widow succeeded him at that address. Records of 2  long case clocks with painted dials, signed by William Smith. By 1853 son Alfred had taken over the business which he ran to his death some time after 1871 [Dalesman Dec. 1989, Loomes]
Mahogany long case clock, W Smith, Huddersfield, c1820. [Offered by Bonhams, London 25.6.1997]
1841 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1850-3 Clock & watch maker, Cross Church Street. [Loomes]
1858 James Sykes, watchmaker, Newtown. [Will of his father, William Sykes, clothdresser]
1866 New Street. [Loomes]
1866 Watchmaker, Fenton Row. [Loomes]
1845 William Henry Sykes, clock & watch maker, Beast Market. House, Fountain Street. [Directory]
1850 Watchmaker & jeweller 24 New Street. [Loomes]
1853-66 71 New Street. [Loomes]
1733 Born, the son of an Almondbury clock maker. [HDE 18.5.1987]
1759 Married Elizabeth Hanson of Huddersfield and John Varley of Almondbury, clock maker. [HPR]
1768/9 John Varley, £7.2.6 [ RR Almondbury]
1771/2 John Varley, £7.2.6 [ RR Almondbury]
1772 Baptism. Betty daughter of John & Elizabeth Varley, clock maker. [Highfield Registers]
1785  Lived at Primrose Hill and at Cross Lane end, Almondbury where he died in 1785 age 52. Clock signed at Slaithwaite. [Loomes]
Grandfather clock by John Varley, Huddersfield. [HDE 18.5.1987]
1736 With William Varle ordering clock.[Elmsall diary]
1763 No location [Britten]
post 1785 Son of John, Huddersfield, post 1785 when his father died.
Long case clock ‘W Varley Huddersfield [[TMM]]
1798/9 Wm Varley £20. [RR Almondbury]
1793 William Varley, shopkeeper, Huddersfield, & Mary his wife, daughter of Martin Taylor Land near a street from Huddersfield to Lockwood. [RoD DM 487 537]
1796 William Varley, Almondbury, clockmaker, land at Huddersfield near a street from Huddersfieldto Lockwood. [RoD DT 450 556]
c1804  About that time we had but one watchmaker, or rather mender, in the town, an old woman of the name of Wilson. [Hanson’s reminiscences]
c1720 Clock, no location. [Britten]
1810 Castle Street, Geo Womersley 1/8d. [HRB]
1814 Huddersfield. Feels there were 2 of the name.[Loomes]
1815 Castle Street, Jonan Womersley 1/8d. [HRB]
Clock ‘George Womersley in Huddersfield fecit’ [Loomes]
Grandfather clock, brass face with moving? moon, inscribed ‘George Womersley In HuddersfieldFecit.’ [Bramley’s saleroom 10.1.1985] Is ‘In’ for Junior?
c1790 Brass dial 8 day clock with name but no town. Assumed to be Huddersfieldarea. [Loomes]
1787 John Womersley, clockmaker working in Huddersfield in 1787. [Loomes]
1810 Castle Street, Geo Womersley 1/8d. [HRB]
1812 John Womersley, a watchmaker, spoke as a witness for George Mellor in the Luddite trial. [HH p286]
1814 J Womersley, Castle Street, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1814-30 Huddersfield [Dinsdale]
1815 Castle Street, Jonan Womersley 1/8d. [HRB]
1816 Womersley J, Castlegate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1818-20 Womersley J, Castlegate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1822-3 Womersley J, Castlegate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1822 Clock maker, Castlegate 1822. [Loomes]
1830 Wormersley Jonathan , Castlegate, watch & clock maker. [Directory]
1834 Does not appear. [Directory]
nd Jonathan Womersley be allowed 4 gns p.a. for repairing, cleaning and winding up the clock. [3PC]
1747 William Womersley, clockmaker. [Turner diary]
1785 at Halifax, and then Huddersfield. [Loomes]