References to innkeepers etc. who have not been identified to a specific inn, public house or hotel.

1609 Corporation granted an annuity to Adam Brier for keeping an inn and post house. [Prim]

1613 Licences granted to Walter and Michael Ryan, merchants, Richard Rooth & Margaret his daughter; Nicholas & Thomas Ley; William Murphy, merchant & Rosse his daughter, to keep taverns in Kilkenny city. [Prim]

1619 Adam B… for keeping an inn to entertain Lords Justices, noblemen and gentlemen. [Prim]

c1650 Token of Richard Inwood, innkeeper [Neely] Richard Inwood is shown c1660 as new tenant of the Market Cross, old tenant was Michael Shee.

1661 Richard Inwood, innkeeper in 1661 issued a token depicting a windmill, possibly sign of his Inn. [Prim]

c1660 Thomas Talbot, vintner struck a token with sun in splendour. I am led to suppose the sign of his tavern which appears from Ormonde rental to have been in High Street adjoining Carrion Row on the South side. [Prim]

1664 Lease of Cettlers Inn to Capt. William Burges. [City Records]

1680 John Geogane, City of Kilkenny, innkeeper, free of Irishtown. [City Records]

1684 At Ald Lloyds house to drink the King’s health. [City Records]

1687 Ald. Thomas Young, innkeeper. [City Records]

169- George Smith, ale seller. [City Records]

169- Richard Rogers, ale seller, St Kenny’s Ingate. [City Records]

1702 Bryan Murphy, innkeeper, Romans in St Canice’s Ingate. {Prim Colln]

1702 Edward Gent, innkeeper. [City Records]

1706 William Langford, innkeeper, Protestant. [City Records]

1707 Henry Wafer, innkeeper, free. [City Records]

1707 William Waters, ale seller. [City Records]

1715 Michael Bullenger, innkeeper, North Ward of St Mary’s. [MS11048-164-170]

1715 Richard Williams, innkeeper, North Ward of St Mary’s. [MS11048-164-170]

1715 Robert Awron, innkeeper, North Ward of St Mary’s. [MS11048-164-170]

ND Protestants lately moved out of St Mary’s: Robert Arton, Hightown Ward.

1715 William Jolly, ale seller. [City Records]

1715 Thomas Murphy, innkeeper, free. [City Records]

1715 Stephen Keyes, ale seller, free. [City Records]

1723 Spent at house of Lewis Duperse on King’s Coronation. [City Records]

1724 Spent at house of Anthony Blunt on King’s Coronation. [City Records]

1724 Spent at house of Samuel Riddock. [City Records]

1724 Thomas Barnes, innkeeper, free. [City Records]

1726 Spent at house of Anthony Blunt, anniversary of H M Accession. [City Records]

1726 Spent at house of Enoch Collier, anniversary of H M accession. [City Records]

1728 Thomas Barnes, Kilkenny, innkeeper, Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1728 Edward Hickey, ale seller, Irishtown, Kilkenny, Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1730 Billiard Room.

1731 Martin Bluett of City of Kilkenny, innkeeper. [City Records]

1731 Peter Bluett of Bennettsbridge, innkeeper. [City Records]

1748 Edward Molloy, Kilkenny City, aleseller. [Ossory Mar Lic. Irish Gen Nov 1971]

25.4.1748 Edward Molloy, city of Kilkenny, aleseller, papist. [Mar Lic]

1749 Peter Bluet of Bennetsbrideg, innholder. [City Records]

1749 Paul Bluett, ale seller, Kilkenny. [City Records]

5.5.1749 John Stagg, city of Kilkenny, aleseller. [Mar Lic]

5.2.1754 Richard Kinahan, city of Kilkenny, inn-keeper. [Mar Lic]

1760 Andrew Granger, Kilkenny city, innkeeper. [Ossory Mar Lic. Irish Gen Nov 1971]

3.9.1760 John Walsh, city of Kilkenny, innholder. [Mar Lic]

1761 John Pyne, Kilkenny, ale seller, free 23.9.1761. [City Records]

1763 Elizabeth Kelly, Irishtown. [OKR 1988 Gt Flood]

1763 Mrs Mary Murphy and her sister, tavern in Green Street. [OKR 1988 Gt Flood]

10.9.1763 Michael Molloy, city of Kilkenny, ale-seller, papist. [Mar Lic]

11.4.1767 Apartment late occupied by Edward Crofton in St Mary’s Church yard to set, apply Edward Oldfield. [FLJ]

4.11.1767 Charles M’Carty, City of Kilkenny, innholder. [FLJ]

21.3.1770 To let, noted porter house in Shortall’s Lane, High Street, now in possession of Widow Purcell.[FLJ copy @ Hunting]

9.1.1771 Died, Saturday last, in High Street, Mr Edmund Bray, publican. [FLJ]

8.4.1772 To let from 1 May, inn in Walkin Street where Patrick Cooney now lives. [FLJ]

26.5.1773 Michael Magrath, publican, Patricks Gate, Kilkenny. [FLJ, copy @ Debating Socy]

12.2.1774 Mr Richard Bull, innholder, Walkin Street. [FLJ]

6.7.1774 Richard Bull, ale seller. [FLJ]

1783 Laurence Meagher, publican. [Deed]

18.1.1792 For set or sale, house and offices in John Street, formerly in occupation of Patrick Butler, innkeeper. Proposals to Rt Hon Lady Frances Flood, Farmley, Kilkenny. [FLJ] [Possibly Kings Arms]

1.9.1792 Died Saturday, in John Street, Mrs Bridget Munro, relict of late Mr James Munro, publican. [FLJ]

24.9.1794 Stolen from Lime Tree, Andrew Walsh. (May not be Kilkenny.) [FLJ]

1.10.1794 Lahy Holding, city of Kilkenny, publican. [Mar Lic]

10.6.1795 Fras Reynolds, city of Kilkenny, innholder & Hariet Doxey, protestants. [Mar Lic]

13.10.1798 Adam Reynolds, city of Kilkenny, publican. [Mar Lic]

c1800 Blunt kept an inn in John Street. [Prim]

1803 Richard Cass, publican, Kilkenny, Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

31.9.1803 To let, house at corner of Barracks Lane in John Street where Patrick Mackey, publican now lives. [LJnl]

1805 Dudley Kelly, Kilkenny, innholder. [Kings Inn]

1807 John Phelan, Walking Street, Kilkenny, Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

29.8.1807 James Kane, publican, High Street. [Jnl}

9.9.1807 Died on Monday in Green Street, Mr John Jackman, publican. [Jnl]

1808 Owen Ryan, Kilkenny, publican. [Deed]

21.6.1809 John Cheevers, publican, in gaol, late of Barrack Lane, John Street. [Jnl]

15.5.1811 To be let and immediate possession given, the commodious established inn near Troys Gate, Green Street, lately occupied by the widow Cass, upon which a considerable sum has been just expended. [Jnl]

17.7.1811 Jeremiah Walsh of the city of Kilkenny, publican, in debtors gaol. [Jnl]

14.10.1812 Mr Proctor’s Inn, Coal Market. [Jnl]

26.3.1814 Flood’s public house in High Street. [Mod]

4.5.1815 Richard Dowling, publican, Windgap. [Mod]

8.8.1815 James Goss’ public house of the Butts. [Mod]

1816 George Malone, innholder, Kilkenny, Admin Bond. [Ossory Index] (Possibly Munster Arms).

1816 William Harte, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1816 Mackey’s Public House, Patrick Street. [KAS Grand Jury Presentments]

1817 Thomas Maher, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1817 Richard Mortimer, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1818 Patrick Maginess, innholder. [KAS Deed]

1818 David Saunders, publican, Blackmill, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

16.5.1818 Death of Michael Morrisey of this city, Publican. [Mod]

1819 James Ryan, publican, Archer Street. Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

26.6.1821 Thomas Hart, Publican, John Street. [Mod]

17.7.1822 John Phelan, publican, Vicar Street. Advert re Leinster Union Society. [Jnl]

1824 Michael Kennedy, publican, New Quay, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1825 Patrick Brennan, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

23.5.1827 Butler, public house, the Butts. [Mod]

1827 Patrick Ryan, publican, Kilkenny, Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1828 Edmund Saunders, publican, Blackmill Street, Irishtown, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

19.3.1831 John M’Grath, public house, John Street. [Jnl]

10.9.1831 P Holohan, public house, High Street. [Jnl]

12.10.1831 Sullivan’s public house in Upper Patrick Street. [Jnl]

20.2.1832 Mr Heffernan’s public house in William Street. [Jnl]

23.6.1832 Mr Saunder’s public house in High Street. [Jnl]

1832 Lease to Joseph McGrath, publican. [City Minutes]

1832 Publicans [From a listing in the Moderator of 3.10.1832 et. seq., which did not proceed beyond the Rs]

Michael Butler, Upper Walkin St. Patrick Butler, the Butts.
Michael Butler, New Barrack Street. John Brass, High Street.
John Bryan, Rose Inn Street. Martin Carroll, Patrick Street.
Patrick Cahill, Patrick Street. Henry Cripps, Walkin Street.
Redmond Cody, Archer Street. Edward Downey, Vicar Street.
James Connory, Horse Barracks Lane, late of Greens Hill. James Dunn, Butts.
James Doughny, Butts. James Dempsey, Mary’s Lane.
Edmond Dwyer, Coal Market. William Fanning, Greens Bridge.
Michael Goss, the Butts. John Dinelly, The Parade.
James Goss, the Butts. William Holden, Walkin Street.
John Heffernan, William Street. Patt Horohan, High Street.
John Kinnahan, High Street. Michael Kelly, Dean Street.
Stephen Kehoe, High Street. Nicholas Keefe, High Street.
Peter Lynch, Upper John Street. David Lanigan, Black Mill Street.
Edmond Mackey, Ormond Road. Joseph MacGrath, Upper John Street.
James Murphy, John Street. Patrick Murphy, Vicar Street.
William Mackey, Patrick Street. Charles McGrath, John Street.
James McGrath, Callan Road. John McGrath, Upper John Street.
Michael Nolan, Coal Market. John Phelan, Vicar Street.
John Purcell, Upper Patrick Street. Michael Phelan, Newpark
James Quigley, Walkin Street. John Ryan, Bull Alley.
Thomas Hewetson, Rose Inn Street, Hotel Keeper. Patrick Magennis, John Street, inn holder.
Richard Malone, Walkin Street, hotel keeper. Thomas Murphy, Troys Gate, inn keeper.

13.10.1832 To be let, old established inn at corner of Green Street, formerly kept by John Jackman, lately by Mrs Shortall. [Jnl]

1832 Tavern of Mr Gilfoyle, The Parade. [Jnl]

9.11.1833 Dermody, publican and grocer, Irishtown, attacked his wife and hanged himself. [Jnl]

12.4.1834 Patrick Grace, publican. [Jnl]

8.11.1834 Quigley’s public house, Walkin Street area (may have been Light House) [Jnl]

8.11.1834 Jeremiah Delaney, public house, Vicar Street. [Jnl]

21.1.1835 Magraths public house in John Street. [Jnl]

11.2.1835 Richard Waters, innkeeper, Patrick Street. [Jnl]

4.3.1835 Stephen Kehoe, publican, near Coal Market end of High Street. [Jnl]

1835 Thomas Hemming, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

29.6.1836 Patrick Murphy, Publican, High Street. [Jnl]

15.10.1836 John Loughnan, retailer of spirits, near new Barracks. [Jnl]

1836 Patrick Murphy, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1837 Arthur Doyle, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

7.1.1837 Death of Michael Sheohan, publican, Vicar Street. [Jnl]

1838 James Gordon, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1838 John Heffernan, publican, William Street, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

13.2.1838 Thomas Hart, publican, Maudlin Street. [Jnl]

22.9.1838 To let, newly built house at corner of Flood Street and James Green. A beer and spirit licence attached to the concern. [Jnl]

9.2.1839 Thomas Harte, publican, Maudlin Street. [Mod]

27.3.1839 To let, houses adjoining St Canices Churchyard to Butts Chapel, including Goss’s public house. [Mod]

11.9.1839 Two new houses in Green Street directly opposite the Bishop’s stables, one built particularly to serve as a public house. [Mod]

1840 Michael Kennedy, publican, Kilkenny, Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

1840 James Kelly, publican, Kilkenny, Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

2.5.1840 Lanan’s public house, John Street. [Jnl]

1841 Mark Grace, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

21.8.1841 Mrs Sullivan, Upper Patrick Street, publican. [Jnl]

19.6.1844 Purtle’s public house, High Street. [Mod]

2.11.1844 Patrick Grace kept public house in Patrick Street. [Mod]

6.11.1844 Mr Grace, publican. [Jnl]

9.4.1845 Timothy Lawler, public house, John Street. [Jnl]

9.7.1845 Thomas Croak, Publican, John Street. [Mod]

9.7.1845 Mrs Wall, publican, High Street, corner of Chapel Lane. [Mod]

15.10.1845 Joseph M'Donnell, publican, Coal Market. [Mod]

15.11.1845 Martin Disney, Publican, Coal Market. [Mod]

1847 Edmund Grant, publican, Kilkenny, Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

6.3.1847 House in John Street where Widow Lynch carried on business of publican, lately built, 3 stories, stabling for 20 horses. [Jnl]

24.4.1847 Stephen Kehoe, publican, High Street. [Jnl]

16.1.1850 Michael Butler, Mary Conry, William Fanning and John Costelloe, publicans of this city. [Jnl]

24.8.1850 Died, Cavanagh of public house, John Street. [Jnl]

19.2.1851 James Cass, publican, Upper Patrick Street. [Jnl]

28.4.1852 Richard Bambrick, publican, Rose Inn Street. [Jnl]

6.10.1852 Mr Bambrick, publican, Rose Inn Street. [Jnl]

1852 Edmund Downey, publican, Kilkenny. Admin Bond. [Ossory Index]

15.6.1853 Dennis Hackett, Patrick Street, publican. [Jnl]

2.8.1854 Catherine Watters, a publican in Kilkenny. [Jnl]

7.2.1855 John Kavanagh & Richard Bambrick, public houses in Rose Inn Street. [Mod]

9.4.1856 Lawless’s public house, James Green. [Mod]

4.6.1856 Daniel Carrigan, publican, James’s Green. [Mod]

15.10.1856 Mrs Watters public house on Ormond Road. [Mod]

1876-1900 Public House in High Street of Matthew Walsh. [KK Deeds]



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