5.3.1774 Mr Watters at the Bear. [FLJ]

17.3.1770 Black Lyon Inn lately held by Mrs Downs, to set. [FLJ copy at Surveyor]
7.12.1771 Black Lyon, Walkin Street, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
13.8.1774 Walkyn Street, next door to Black Lyon Inn. [FLJ]
19.10.1774 Mr Malone, Black Lyon, Walkin Street. [FLJ copy at Kilbline]

1767 Gerald Fitzgerald at the Blackamoors Head, Coal Market, Kilkenny, takes in linens for the bleach yard at Carlow. [FLJ]

1719 Robert Shervington leasing part of Blewbell House to William Water, innkeeper, all in High Street. [RoD]
1757 Rocques map shows Bluebell Lane, now Pointz Lane. [KAS Jnl 1861]
11.3.1772 Inn formerly Bluebell & since Coach & Horses, opposite Market Cross, stabling for 30 horses. Mrs Ellen Walsh at said house. {FLJ copied]

? contemporary with the Sheaf [1]
15.9.1773 Opposite the sign of the Brazen Head in Walkin Street. [FLJ copy at Hunt]
16.9.1780 William Shee of Brazen Head in Walkin Street, now removing to Garter Inn in Rose Inn Street. Brazen Head to let, Stabling for 50. [FLJ]
27.9.1786 Francis Devereux, Brazen Head, Walkin Street. [FLJ]
28.5.1794 Died, Tuesday last in Walkin Street, Mr Francis Devereux, innkeeper, [FLJ]
14.6.1794 Eleanor, widow of Francis Devereux, innkeeper, continuing business at the house in Walkin Street, improved by a large new addition. [FLJ]
18.2.1797 To be sold at the Brazen Head. [FLJ]
c1800 A first rate establishment, took over from the Sheaf as the chief inn of the city under the proprietorship of Mrs Devereux, until the opening of the Hibernian or Club House. [1]
4.10.1806 Eleanor Devereux, the Brazen Head Inn has been much improved. [Jnl]
1812 Brazen Head Inn, E Devereux, lately added extensive stalled stabling. [Jnl]
4.2.1815 Mr Devereux, Brazen Head Inn, Walkin Street. [Mod]

13.8.1768 James Clark, Builders Arms, Irishtown. [FLJ copied]
c1778 Builders Arms, Irishtown. [Neery p179]

Dates only from the beginning of the 17th century, but perhaps the first house of call in Irishtown. [1]
? Original parchment lease of the Bull Inn, Irishtown, from the Bishop of Ossory (Archdeacon Pocock) to Mary Walsh. [KAS Jnl 1852]
1700 In ruinous state by 1700. [1]
9.2.1833 Bull-Alley Lane, an ancient sculpture of Taurus placed over a brewery entrance on what was heretofore the Bull Inn. [Jnl]

18.6.1845 The Bull public house in Kilkenny. [Mod]

26.6.1767 Bulls Head, Back Lane, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
24.10.1767 Edmond Bray, Bulls Head, Back Lane, Kilkenny. [FLJ]

1800 Kept at end of previous century and beginning of this century by Ned Hawkins, previously a waiter at the Sheaf. [1].
21.2.1807 The Bush Tavern. [Jnl]
7.9.1811 To be let, the Bush Tavern in Rose Inn Street, now occupied by Edward Hawkins. [Jnl]
1812 Hawkins’ house in Rose Inn Street for sale. Not mentioned as an inn [?]
29.10.1812 Power has fitted up the old Bush Tavern in Rose Inn Street. [Jnl]
26.5.1814 Mr Power’s Bush Tavern, Rose Inn Street. [Mod]
31.3.1821 Mr Power's Bush Tavern, Kilkenny. [Mod]
6.7.1822 Bush Tavern, James Power, and in the same issue, Power’s Hotel, Rose Inn Street, both coaching adverts, could be the same. [Jnl]
1.10.1828 Bush Hotel, Rose Inn Street, M Power thanks for the support she has received over the last twenty years. [Mod]
13.6.1829 Bush Hotel, Rose Inn Street, M Power her thanks for support over last 20 years. Now added chaises, jaunting cars etc. Also a superior hearse. [Mod]
30.6.1830 Mrs Power’s Bush Hotel. [Jnl]
21.7.1830 Died on Sunday last, Mrs Power of the Bush Hotel. [Jnl]
11.8.1830 Bush Hotel opposite Rose Hotel. [Jnl]
22.1.1831 To be let or sold the Bush Hotel, property of late Mr Power. In existence upwards of thirty years. One of the best provincial hotels in Ireland … the carriages… there is also a newly built hearse, completely appointed. [Jnl]
12.3.1831 The Bush Hotel, its present proprietor R Grubb, who has for ten years been connected with several banking establishments in the south of Ireland. [Jnl]
22.12.1832 Married, Thursday morning, Mr Robert Grubb, proprietor of the Bush Hotel. [Jnl]
22.1.1834 Mr Grubb, Bush Tavern. [Jnl]
11.2.1835 Mr Robert Grubb, Rose Inn Street. [Mod]
1836 Robert Grubb. [See masonic]
31.5.1837 Mary Hearne has taken the old established Bush Hotel & Commercial Inn, Rose Inn Street. [Jnl]
22.5.1839 Paid Bush Hotel car hire. [Jnl]
17.6.1840 Thomas Lalor, Bush Hotel. [Jnl]
1841 Bush & Commercial Inn, Thomas Lalor, Rose Inn Street. [Directory]
19.2.1845 Mr Lalor, The Bush, Rose Inn Street. [Jnl]
30.9.1846 To let, Bush Hotel, Rose Inn Street. [Jnl]
5.6.1852 Bush Hotel Rose Inn Street, proprietor Walter Hanlon –in opening above hotel- former patronage whilst in Johnstown. [Jnl]
1862 Survived till very lately. [1]

6.2.1782 To let, noted public house, Cherry Tree, where James Hackett lately dwelt, in Rose Inn Street. [FLJ, copy @ education]
24.2.1790 To be let the noted public house in Rose Inn Street called the Cherry Tree, wherein Mr Stapleton now lives. [FLJ]

10.10.1807 James Rice, Club House. [Jnl]
7.3.1812 James Rice, Club House. [Jnl]
1817 Hibernian Hotel, founded by James Rice and John Walsh. Rice had been House-Steward to the Kilkenny Fox Hunters Club founded in 1797. [1]
14.8.1817 Hibernian Hotel and Fox Hunting Club, Rice & Walsh, proprietors. [Mod]
19.4.1823 Partnership of James Rice and John Walshe as proprietors of Hibernian Hotel determined by recent death of Rice. Walsh to continue. [Jnl]
1825 James Rice of Kilkenny Club House, died 10.4.1825 age 56. [KAS Grove Cemetery]
27.1.1827 Hibernian Hotel, Kilkenny. [Mod]
27.11.1830 To let, Hibernian Hotel in Patrick Street, Mr Walsh the Proprietor. [Jnl]
12.1.1831 Mr Walsh, Hibernian Hotel. [Jnl]
24.9.1831 Mr Walsh, Club House. [Jnl]
29.8.1832 William Knight, Hibernian Hotel, Kilkenny. [Jnl]
28.9.1833 Mr Walsh, Hibernian Hotel. [Jnl]
15.3.1834 Mr John Walsh, Hibernian Hotel. [Jnl]
9.8.1834 Mr John Walsh, Hibernian Hotel. [Jnl]
1841 Hibernian Hotel, John Walsh, Patrick Street. [Directory]
31.5.1854 John Walsh, Club House. [Jnl]
19.9.1860 Hibernian and Club House Hotel now under management of J & S Morris. Billiard Room. [Jnl]
20.7.1867 Died, 16 July, at Rathgar, Dublin, John Walsh Esq, proprietor of the Club House for upwards of half a century. [KJ]
26.1.1870 Auction sale of entire household furniture etc etc , a splendid billiard table and all other effects of Club House Hotel. [Jnl]
23.9.1871 Re-opening of Club House under proprietorship and management of Simon Morris. Hail its revival. [KJ]

11.3.1772 Inn to let, formerly Blue Bell, since Coach & Horses, opposite Market Cross, stabling for 30 horses, apply Mrs Ellen Walsh at said house. [FLJ]

THE COCK, High Street.
1815 Lease to Robert Shearman of John Street, part of yard at rear of James Healy’s concerns, commonly called the Cock … in High Street. [KK Deed]

THE COCK, Maudlin Street.
31.3.1770 Mr Edward Delahunty’s, The Cock, the corner of Madlin Street. [FLJ]

13.11.1841 To let, the Commercial Hotel at junction of Patrick, Rose Inn, High Streets and the Parade. Proposals to Mr Bianconi. 25 beds. [Mod]

DEVEREUX’S HOTEL, Patrick Street.
16.1.1819 James Skelly is the proprietor of the tavern part of the establishment: long experience as a cook. [Mod]

1708 Ormonde lease to Mrs Mabel Devereux of stone and slated house built by John Flood in Rosin Street. [1]
1716 Mabel Devereux, the Duke of Ormonde, Rosin Street. [City Records]

THE EAGLE, Coal Market.
A minor inn [1]
C1768 Kept by Proctor. [1]
1802 Still known as the Eagle, between Evan’s Lane and Rothe House.[1]
1906 Eagle adjoining Rothe House. [KK Deeds]
No 14 Parliament Street, formerly the 18th century Eagle Inn which survived as a hostelry until this century. [Lanigan & Tyler]

3.1.1875 Fox & Geese public house, James’ Green. [May be an invention] [Mod]

GARTER INN (also known as ROYAL GARTER and STAR & GARTER), Rose Inn Street, on both sides at different times.
1760 John Sullivan, Kilkenny, Innholder. [RoD]
1762 Mrs Sullivan, wife to Mr John Sullivan of the Garter died june 24th. {Carrigan, St Mary’s PR. KAS worksheets give 1761].
2.5.1767 Mr John Haly at the Garter. [FLJ]
12.8.1767 Mr Hanly at the Garter. [FLJ]
1768 Coach from Royal Garter, Kilkenny. [1]
16.9.1769 Mr Hanly, the Royal Garter, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
4.4.1770 John Haly at the Garter Inn. [
FLJ, copy @ coachmakers]
30.6.1770 Mr Haly’s the Garter. [FLJ]
21.7.1770The Royal Garter in Kilkenny. [FLJ]
8.9.1770 John Hely, Garter, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
30.1.1771 Mr Haly, Garter Inn. [FLJ]
4.7.1772 Pat Roth’s Garter Inn. [FLJ]
19.12.1772 Mr Roth’s, at the Garter Inn. [FLJ]
19.5.1773 Mr Patt Rooth, Garter Inn. [FLJ]
15.12.1773 Pat Roth, Garter Inn. [FLJ–long advert, copied]
1773 Patrick Roth, Garter Inn. [Mod 15.4.1874]
5.2.1774 Pat Roth, Garter Inn. [FLJ]
18.6.1774 Pat Roth of the Garter Inn, Kilkenny. Advert; post chaises. [FLJ copied]
2.6.1779 Royal Garter Inn. [FLJ]
16.9.1780 William Shee of Brazen Head in Walkin Street, now removing to Garter Inn in Rose Inn Street. [FLJ]
25.10.1780 Pat Roth, late of Garter Inn –land held for 7 years. [FLJ]
4.6.1783 William Shee’s Garter Inn. [FLJ]
22.7.1786 Ordinaries in Kilkenny: William Shee’s at the Garter Inn. [FLJ]
21.10.1786 The proprietor of the Stage from the Royal Garter. [FLJ]
12.9.1787 Garter Inn to be let from 1 December provided it be not redeemed. [FLJ]
14.11.1787 The noted Garter Inn is now opened by William Lindsay, his large concerns in Kilkenny for sale. [FLJ]
24.12.1788 William Lindsay, Garter Inn. [FLJ]
21.12.1793 William Lindsay, proprietor of Star & Garter Inn, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
4.1.1794 William Lindsay, proprietor of Star & Garter Inn. [FLJ]
-.5.1795 Garter Inn, Rose Inn Street. [FLJ]
1797 Copy indenture re Rose Inn Street. House & bakehouse which were lately a stable in the possession of William Lindsay of the Garter Inn, innholder –with coach house, yard etc. as Matthew Kelly now holds them. [KAS Box 16 A14]
21.4.1798 Garter Inn, Rose Inn Street. [FLJ]
Last proprietor was Lindsay. [1]

GEORGE INN, Coal Market.
7.3.1767 Mr Roger Meigham, the George Inn. [FLJ]
11.3.1767 Mr Reginal Meigham, George Inn, [FLJ]
1768 Mr Meigham, the George in Coal Market. [1]
21.1.1769 Roger Meigham, George Inn, Coal Market. [FLJ]
17.3.1770 Roger Meigham, George Inn, Coal Market. [FLJ]
30.6.1770 Mr Meigham’s George, Coal Market. [FLJ]
1.1.1772 Mr Meigham, George Inn, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
9.5.1772 Opposite the George in Coal Market. [FLJ]
18.7.1772 Died wife of Roger Meigham, Master of the George Inn. [FLJ copied]
2.1.1773 Roger Meigham at the George. [FLJ]
7.4.1773 Roger Meigham at the George. As he is determined to quit public business, he will surely exert himself. [FLJ]
7.7.1773 Roger Meigham has lately quit public business. [FLJ]

GEORGE INN, Irishtown.
1763 George Inn in Irishtown. [OKR 1988 Great Flood]
1763 Roger Meigham, innholder. [OKR 1988 Great Flood]
17.2.1768 Gregory Newman, tanner, assigned goods, selling lease –house formerly George Inn in Irishtown under lease from
1.11.1764 from John Juton. [FLJ]
1768 A house formerly the George with a stable, malthouse and yard in Irishtown. [1]
I would suggest that Meigham held the Irishtown George, that he left it after the flood, when the premises were leased to Newman, and Meigham opened a new inn under the same name in Coal Market.

GEORGE INN, Irishtown.
5.8.1786 Mr Valentin Coghlan of the George Inn, Irishtown. [FLJ]
17.10.1787Died Friday last, Mrs Ann Coghlan, wife of Mr Valentine Coghlan of Irishtown, innkeeper. [FLJ]
10.11.1787 To be let from 1 December, the George Inn, Irishtown, large yard, pump and stabling for 20. Proposals to Val Coghlan. [FLJ]

GLOBE TAVERN, High Street.
1726 Lease of house known as the Globe in High Street lately enjoyed by Master Thomas Knowles, to Michael Murphy, apothecary. [RoD]
23.7.1774 Robert Johnston of the Globe Tavern, Kilkenny, fitted up a large house at Ballyspellan Spa for those drinking the waters. [FLJ copied]
19.8.1778 Mr Johnson’s stables, Globe Inn. [FLJ]
22.7.1786 Ordanaries in Kilkenny: Bernard Neil’s at the Globe. [FLJ]
26.3.1794 The Globe, Coal Market. [FLJ]

THE GOAT’S BEARD, Castle Street (The Parade).
1783 Mr Kearns of the sign of the Goat’s Beard in Castle Street. [OKR 1987 Hamlet]
1793 Proprietor Mr Kearns; a minor inn. [1]

28.9.1839 Joseph Rothe, Gold Ball Tavern. [Jnl]

1878 Michael Murphy takes lease of property in High Street. [Deed]
1908 Premises in High Street in tenancy of Michael Murphy, publican. [Deed]

1841 Harp Inn, Thomas Murphy, Bishops Hill. [Directory]

6.8.1768 Dennis Costelloe, Hayden’s Arms, Walkin Street. [FLJ]
1778 Hayden Arms. [Neery p179]


Proprietor for many years was Tom Clayton who had served the Earl of Ormonde as valet: its character declined with the death of its noble patron. [1]
Famous from the middle of last century to the beginning of this. [KAS Jnl, 1861]
1756 In existence. [2]
c1773 Tradition that the proprietor was Judith Madden, widow. [OKR 1978, Finns Jnl article]
9.9.1807 Died in High Street, Saturday last, Mr Thomas Clayton, tavern keeper. [Jnl]
31.1.1815 Mr James O'Callaghan, proprietor of the Hole-in-the-Wall Tavern. [Mod]
17.6.1815 Lodge 642 will dine on St John’s day at the Hole in The Wall Tavern. [Mod]
10.4.1841 To be sold or let, from 1 May, that well known house on High Street denominated the Hole in the Wall. Apply William Wheeler. [Jnl]

1898 Nice letterhead of O'Hanlon's Imperial & Commercial Hotel, Mrs O'Neill, proprieteress. A corner site. [KAS Deed Box5 A17]

JOLLY FARMER, Green Street.
5.4.1786 To let, the Jolly Farmer in Green Street, stabling for 20-30 horses, a good pump etc. [Jnl & 11.10.1786]
24.10.1787 To be let large dwelling house in Irishtown known by the name of the Jolly Farmer Inn. [Jnl]

1770 Alternative name for Royal Oak (qv) [FLJ]

KINGS ARMS, John Street.
Deed, Flood to Flood. Ground, messuage, dwelling house, brewhouse, stable and gateway formerly in possession of Dr Charles Duggan, now in tenancy of Patrick Butler, innholder, known by the name of Kings Arms in St John St. [RoD 194.597.131038]
11.7.1767 Patt Butler, Kings Arms. [FLJ]
12.9.1767 Kings Arms, John Street. [FLJ]
16.4.1768 Mr Patrick Butler, the Kings Arms. [FLJ]
13.7.1768 Mr Patrick Butler’s Kings Arms, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
1768 Supper and ball at the Kings Arms. [1]
31.5.1769 John Cahill offering reward for offence committed outside Kings Arms, John Street. [FLJ copy @ Races]
1770 Kept by Patrick Butler. [1]
9.5.1770 John Cahill, keeper of Kings Arms Inn, John Street. [FLJ]
30.6.1770 Mr Cahill’s Kings Arms, John Street. [FLJ]
15.9.1770 Mr Cahill, Kings Arms, John Street. [FLJ]
29.8.1772Mr Cahill, Master of Kings Arms. [FLJ copied]
7.8.1773 John Cahill, Kings Arms. [FLJ]
29.1.1774 Coaches –John Cahill, Kings Arms. [FLJ copied]
2.3.1774 John Cahill’s Kings Arms, John Street. [FLJ]
10.9.1774 Mr John Cahill, Kings Arms. [FLJ]
30.12.1775 Duel in garden of Kings Arm Tavern. [FLJ]
3.1.1776 John Cahill, Kings Arms. [FLJ]
1.8.1778 Kings Arms, John Street. [FLJ]
30.6.1787 John Cahill who lately kept the Kings Arms Tavern, John Street. [FLJ]
14.4.1790 Gores Club Room, John Street, Kilkenny. [FLJ]
1.2.1794 Arthur Gore, Kings Arms, John Street. [FLJ]
2.3.1796 Arthur Gore late of Kings Arms, John Street, has moved to the Sheaf Inn, late Mr Reynolds. [FLJ]
1800 Patrick Magennis who appears to have reopened this inn under a slightly changed designation [Royal Arms?] in 1800, had for a long time previously served John, Earl of Ormonde as butler in Kilkenny Castle. [1]
22.1.1803 Kings Arms, John Street. [Jnl]
15.6.1803 Pat Magennis, Kings Arms, John Street, reduced prices for posting. [Jnl]
27.2.1805 Kings Arms, John Street. [LJ]
9.10.1805 Kings Arms, John Street. [Jnl]
7.10.1807 Patrick Magennis, Kings Arms, John Street, promoting horse sale. [Jnl]
24.8.1811 Patrick Magennis, Kings Arms, John Street, thanks for support since commencement of business. [Jnl]
24.11.1814 Mr Magennis, Kings Arms Inn. [Jnl]
16.4.1818 Kings Arms, John Street. [Jnl]
24.9.1818 Magennis Hotel, John Street. [Jnl]
3.10.1832 Patrick Magennis, John Street, innholder. [Mod, et. Seq.]
17.1.1835 Kings Arms Hotel, John Street. [Jnl]
10.6.1835 Magennis, Kings Arms Hotel, John Street. [Jnl]
1841 Kings Arms, Patrick Magennis, John Street. [Directory]
18.2.1843 To let, large house in John Street, lately occupied by Pat Magennis as a hotel. [Jnl & 18.3.1843]



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