Lee of Sussex
Robert Lee married Joyce, a widow, of Leventhorpe, daughter and heir of John Wallys, of Glynd, Sussex, [by Joan, daughter and heir of Sir Robert Turke of Aspendin, by Beatrix, daughter and heir of Sir Edward Kendall]. Robert and Joyce had a son, John Lee, of Fittleworth, Sussex, who married a daughter of Roger Tewknor, and they had a son John Lee of Lee in Fittleworth, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Ralph Shirley, of Wiston, Sussex, Esquire-of- the-body to Henry VII [2nd son of Ralph Shirley, of Ettington, Warwickshire].
John and Elizabeth had a son, Richard Lee, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Hall, of Ore, Sussex, [by the sister of Edmund Dudley].
Richard and Elizabeth had two sons, Thomas and Richard.
Thomas married twice, and had, by his first wife, whose name is not recorded, three daughters, one married a Mr Finch, the next, Joane, married a Mr String, and the third, Mary, married Robert Burton. By his second marriage, to Alice, daughter of Thomas Cocks, of Beaumont, Herts, he had three daughters, Elizabeth, who married a Mr Griffith, the second, unnamed, married firstly, a man from Luxford, secondly, a Mr Paul Bellamy, and thirdly, a Mr Ticknell, and the third daughter Anne, married [another] Mr Ticknell, from Ireland.
Sadlier, a genealogist, recorded the Lee of Sussex arms as: Azure, a lion rampant, guardant, argent. GO 576, p 139-140.
This family is mentioned in connection with the Lee family coat of arms found in Monaghan, described later [different in respect of the 'argent' which is 'or'], although no relationship can be shown.
The coats for Leigh of Cheshire are not dissimilar.