Francis Augustine Leigh, of Rosegarland, co Wexford, JP and DL, High Sheriff 1867, formerly Lieut 10th Hussars, born 24 Nov 1822; married Augustine, dau of Mons Charles Perrier, of Metz, in the Province of Lorraine, and by her (who died 22 Nov 1880) has had issue,
1. Francis Robert, late 3rd Batt Royal Irish Regt born 28 April, 1853.
2. Edward, Capt Hampshire Regt, born 25 August 1867.
3. Rose Jane.
4. Frances.
Jane married 28 September 1897, G H Lambert, of Carnagh, co Wexford (see that family).
Mr Leigh succeeded his grandfather 1839.
Lineage - Francis MacLaoighsigh, MacLysach, MacLye, or Lye petitioned for a lease of the dissolved monastery, town and lands of Holy Cross of Killeigh, near Geashill, King's Co, 155I, and obtained a lease of them next year; two months after, 30 Nov 1552, he obtained a grant of English liberty to enable him to hold the lands. He married the dau of John O'Carrol, and had issue,
1. John, his successor.
2. Arthur, living in I612, and mentioned in his brother's will in remainder to his estates.
3. Francis, in the army, appointed 6 September 1579.
4. Henry, living in 1612.
Francis MacLaoighsigh or Lye was dead in 1573, and his lands were in possession of his eldest son,
John MacLaoighsigh, Lye, or Ly, who having a perfect knowledge of the English language as well as the Irish, was appointed Interpreter to the State, and was granted for his services as interpreter, by patent dated 9 May, 1584, 26th year of Queen Elizabeth the fee of the monastery of Killeigh, which he then held under the lease made to his father, and obtained a grant of Rathbride, co Kildare, dated 1 June, 1591. He married Amy, dau of George FitzGer, of Ticroghan, co Meath, and sister of Sir Edward FitzGerald, Knight of the same place, and had issue,
1. John, his heir.
2. Andrew, a minor in 1612.
1 . Katherine, married James FitzGerald, of Osbaldeston, co Kildare.
2. Mabel.
3. Mary.
4. Margaret.
5. Bridget.
6. Amy.
7. Ellen.
John MacLaoighsigh, or Ly, died 7 May, 1612, and was buried at the Cathedral of Kildare, where his tombstone still remains. He was succeeded by his eldest son,
John Leigh, of Rathbride, who with his mother having alienated some of his father's lands, got a pardon for alienation dated 14 December 1613. He was in great favour with Charles I, and was a faithful subject during the Protectorate Of Oliver Cromwell. He had by his wife, whose name was Dowdall, the following issue,
1. Francis, his heir.
2. Robert, who was abroad with Charles II during Cromwell's time, and after the Restoration, as a reward for his faithful and loyal services, got a grant of the manor of Rosegarland, co Wexford, by the several letters patent dated 18 May, 1668, and 9 Sept 1669, and by other letters patent the manors of Colpe, alias Newbawn, Longraige, Garry Richard, 3,344 acres, and other lands in the cos Wexford and Kildare. He married October 1673, Margaret, dau of Sir Caesar Colclough, and Baronet of Tintern Abbey, co Wexford, and sister and heir of Sir Caesar Colclough, 3rd and last Baronet, by whom, (who died 1722) he had no issue. On his marriage he assumed the additional name and arms of Colclough. By his will, dated 4 May 1694 and proved 11 June, 1695, he bequeathed his estates to his nephew, as below.
1 Mabel married 1675, James Barnewall.
John Leigh died abroad and intestate. Administration was granted to his eldest son,
Francis Leigh, of Rathbride, who was appointed escheator General of Leinster by letters patent dated 22 July, 1663, and MP for the borough of Kildare 1689. Having supported James James II, he was attainted of high treason in 1691, when all his lands were forfeited. He married Feb 1662, Judith, dau of Henry Spencer, by whom he had,
1. Robert, who was executor and heir of his uncle, Robert Leigh-Colclough, died unmarried; administration granted to his brother Francis, 7 Nov 1724.
2. John of Dublin, died unmarried; administration granted to his brother Robert, 20 July 1700.
3. Andrew, of Friarstown, co Kildare, died unmarried; administration granted to his brother Francis, 30 November 1706.
4. Francis, of whom presently.
1. Judith, died unmarried I700.
The 4th son,
Francis Leigh, of Rathangan, co Kildare, succeeded his brother in the Wexford estate, and became of Rosegarland. He married 1st, in September 1699, Alice, widow of John Rawlins of Rathangan, by whom (who died 1702) he had no issue; he married, 2ndly, Miss Carew, by whom he had issue,
1. John, his heir.
2. Robert, a Free Burgess of New Ross 1730, died unmarried 1734.
3. Andrew, a Free Burgess of New Ross 1735, died unmarried 1745.
1. Cecilia, married 1729, Joseph, 1st Earl of Milltown, and died 1737.
2. Judith, died unmarried 1788.
3. Mary.
Mr Leigh died 1727, and was succeeded by his eldest son,
John Leigh, of Rosegarland, MP for New Ross from 1727 to 1758; married July 1727, Mary dau of John Cliffe, of Mulrancan, co Wexford, by whom he had
Robert his heir,
Grace, married 20 May 1758, Anthony, 8th Earl of Meath, and died 20 October 1812.
Mr Leigh, whose will, dated 2 April, 1751, was proved 27 Sept 1758, was succeeded by his only son,
Robert Leigh, of Rosegarland, born 1729, MP for New Ross from 1759 to 1800, DL co Wexford, and appointed Lieut-Col of the Wexford Militia 1763; married February I750, Arabella, dau of Robert Leslie, of Glasslough, co Monaghan, by whom he had,
1. Francis, his heir.
2. Charles, Major in the Army, died unmarried.
3. Joseph, of Tinnakilly, co Wicklow, Collector of the town of Wicklow 1790, married August 1797, Mary, dau of Stephen Radcliffe, Judge of the Prerogative Court, and had issue,
1. Stephen, died unmarried.
Ellen, married 10 February 1836, Charles Arthur Walker, of Tykillen, VL co Wexford, MP
Arabella, married June, 1782, Ponsonby Tottenham, MP for Fethard, and died 2 August 1806.
Mr Leigh, whose will, dated 10 April, 1802, was proved 10 May, 1803, was succeeded by his eldest son,
Francis Leigh, of Rosegarland, born 1755, Collector of Wexford 1794, Sovereign of New Ross 1790. He married December 1788, Grace, dau of Richard Baldwin, by whom he had,
1. John Robert, married February 1822, Dorothea Anne, dau of Edward FitzGerald, of Carrigoran, co Clare; and died in his father's lifetime, 7 July 1827, leaving by her, (who married secondly, 7 September 1832, Harvey Francis de Montmorency (see Burke's Peerage, Viscount Frankfort)),
1. Francis Augustine, now of Rosegarland.
2. Charles Edward, born 1823, formerly in the 99th Foot; married 1853,
Elizabeth Anne, dau of - Parker, of Hanslope Park, co Bucks, and died s p at Paris, November 1867.
2. Charles, born 1797; died unmarried 1821.
3. Francis; of Sion, co Wexford, born 1808; High Sheriff of Wexford 1837; married June, 1830, Mary Martin, dau of John Southcote Mansergh, of Grenane, co Tipperary, and died 20 Feb 1882, having
had issue,
1. Francis Charles, formerly Lieut Wexford Militia, b. 1831.
2. John Robert.
3. Charles, died unmarried.
4. Leslie Cecil Hore.
1. Grace Mary, married George King, Major 53rd Regt.
2. Mary Arabella, married July 1854, Percy Lorenzo Harvey, of Lonsdale, co Wexford.
3. Elizabeth Kate Ellen, died unmarried.
4. Dorothea Olivia.
1. Cecilia, married Major-Gen Thomas Hore, and died 28 July, 1868.
2. Grace, born 1791; died 1798.
3. Mary, died unmarried.
Mr Leigh, who was M.P for Wexford from 1793 to I802, died 1839, when he was succeeded by his grandson, now of Rosegarland.
Arms - Arg., two bars az. a bend compony counter-compony gu. and or.
Crest - A dexter hand lying fessways couped at the wrist holding a sword erect impaling three gory heads all proper.
Mottoes - En Dios se vince; and Conlan-a-bu.
Seat - Rosegarland, New Ross, co Wexford.
Club - Kildare Street.