Registry of Deeds records from the indexes, and researched (records start in 1708)
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By book number/page/memorandum number; date; names & details

1/290/181 John Lee and Spain2/276/453 Randall Lee and Patton and sons re Atherdee, Louth (Ardee) 1708 (brother, George, also William Lee, son of Thomas, and Robert, Richard and Thomas)
2/468/572/ Henry Lee, bricklayer, and Casey, re Jervis Street, Dublin
17095/359/2064 Mary Lee and sons and Hyde
8/368/2928 William Hodginkson and Lee
8/816/2820 Lord Fitzwilliam and Lee
9/419/4108 Will 25.05.1713 of Henry Lee merchant, of city of Dublin, named wife Elizabeth, eldest son William, younger sons James and Benjamin, daus Jane and Hester, and his sister Mrs Ann Norton.  Re Stafford Street, Jervis Street, Dawson Street, also brickfields, carts, horses etc.
10/167/3333 Dawson to Henry Lee, Dublin12/199/4783 John Lee and Stone

12/394/5547 Mary Lee and Lee, daughter of Thomas, of Milltown (Mary Lawless) 1714
13/193/5576 Katherine Lee and sons and Leeson re Miltown
171313/194/5577 Thomas Lee and Leeson re Milltown and Churchtown Dublin
171414/342/6352 Martha Hodgkinson and Lee
15/450/8055 William Breach and Lee

16/30/6807 John Lee and Clarke
16/339/7658 Peter Burnett and Lee
17/449/9398 George Lee and Mr Allison re farm at Finglas, Dublin 171718/14/8199 Randall Lee and Magan
19/294/10198 John Lee and sons and Fenner

20/414/11074 Registered will of 12.4.1717 William Alcock, a kinsman of Michael Moore of Drogheda and his wife; Richard Leigh of Cullenmore and his wife Mary. A codicil leaves William Leigh eldest son of Richard Leigh, the sum of five shillings, as he married without his parent’s consent.

23/288/13418 Richard Lee and others and Poole re Cullinmore, co Meath

24/300/13856 George Lee and Ormsby re Finglas, 1719

27/168/16318 George Lee and Warde re Finglas, 1720

32/83/19022 John Lee and Crosbye

35/52/20759 George Lee and Johnson re Finglas, 1722

35/508/23505 on 24.10.1720 Michael Lee of Mullan and George Brattan of Augher, Tyrone.

36/318/366436 ? Lee to ? incorrect/illegible no.

36/371/22973 John Cumin and Lee

37/347/22978 John Lee and Gartside?

38/512/25195 Grace Lee and Manwaring re The Coombe, Dublin, 1723

38/513/25202 28.1.1713 Ley to Murrin, Richd Ley, and William Ley, Correvan and Glenn in Monaghan.

39/92/24208 Registered will 30.3.1723 of Mrs Ann Ley, alias Babe, a spinster(?) Dublin, re a house in West Street Drogheda, set to Alderman John Leigh, names a son in law William Savage and Ann his wife.

39/497/26690 The registered will 15.4.1724 of Thomas Grove, of Grove hall, Donegal, names Thomas Lea, of Tullamore, co Cavan, as executor.

39/525/26829 John Lee and Esther Lee re Donore, Dublin

40/286/25765 Registered will of Bate 4.10.1723, witnessed by Francis Lee, Dublin, gent.

42/382/26709 John Lee Dublin coachman and Simon Whyte

42/467/27067 Lazarus Lee and wife and Warmingham

43/387/28662 John Lee and Antrobus

46/537/30868 John Lee and Cumin

44/145/28133 Ambrose Lee and Bayly re Aungier Street, Dublin

47/13/29328 John Lee and Pierce

47/290/30641 William Lee and Wattson

47/354/30949 John Lee and Robinson

47/421/31275 John Lee and Leeson

48/192/31323 Ambrose Lee and Corrigan re Bow Lane, Dublin

49/114/31118 Ambrose Lee and Corrigan re Lee’s daughters Susan and Margaret

50/94/32196 John Lee and Whitmore

51/206/33391 Francis Lee of Dublin, and Reynell and sons

51/287/33721 John Lee clothmaker of Donore, Dublin and Anthrobus

51/377/34066 Benjamin Lee and James Lee 1726 and Thwaites 

52/228/34338 Jane Lea and Worrall

52/403/35048 Registered will of Francis Robert Leigh of 13.6.1727, to his eldest son John Leigh, deceased brother Robert Leigh, uncle Robert Leigh, son Robert Leigh, son Andrew Leigh.  Re lands at Fryarstown and Craigs, Kildare, and Salmonstown co Dublin, and Longrange, Wexford, and Arran Quay, Dublin. A witness was his dau, Judith Leigh.

53/403/35048 8.5.1727 Will of Francis Robert Leigh, Dublin, re a dwelling at Aran Quay

53/400/?1001/347127 Lee & another to Leadbetter

53/486/36555 John Lee and Comyng re Cuffe Street Dublin, 1727

53/527/36800 John Lee and Anthrobus

55/199/36554 John Lee and Burnett

55/199/36556 John Lee and Robinson re Cuffe Street, Dublin 1727

55/219/36647 William Lee and Onge

55/388/37409 John Lee and Pierce

56/145/37337 9.4.1728 Ley to Wrightson, Richard Ley, of Correvan, son and heir William Ley

56/194/37571 Registered will of Bowen co Cork, 5.3.1727, mentions nephew, Francis Lee junior, as executor.

56/275/37943 John Lee and Pierce

56/392/38439  John Lee and Brassaley

57/76/37302 Susanna Lee and Lennox

59/67/39421 John Lee and Essington

60/421/41746 John Lee and Cumin re Cuffe Street 1729

68/178/47538 Adam Banks and Lee

72/367/57100 Nicholas Lee, North suburbs, Cork, and Richard Lee, Sundays Wells, Cork

73/206/50528 16.4.1733 [Monaghan 1708-38] Richard Ley to Bradshaw.  Re proposed as of 28.3.1725, marriage of William Ley of Leysborough to Elizabeth Bradshaw, daughter of John, of Lisnamuck, re Anaghmamakerg, alias Crapagh, and Lebinemore, Duhate Edergoole and Knockcorr.

75/2/51870 Jane Lee and Margaret Lee, only daughter of Jane

77/40/52614 James Cooper and Lee

80/363/56208 7.2.1718 [Tyrone 1708-38] Michael Ley to Druggan re Mullans Lower, witnesses James Bratan and William Ley of Ogher.

80/394/56333 Thomas Burgh and Lee

81/219/56974  Cornelius Bolton and Lee

87/50/62832 10.2.1737 [Monaghan] Ley to Dawson, Richard Ley and William Ley, his eldest son.

89/466/64087 Mahon to Leigh [Monaghan 1708-38] Francis Leigh, Drogheda, re lands at Cloghernagh, Cabragh and Roosky.

92/328/64780 6.10.1738  Richard and William Ley, Mortgage re Coreevan, co Monaghan, Aughareagh, and Glen.

92/365/64960 and 92/366/64961 20.11.1738 Richard Ley, Dubhall co Monaghan, re eldest son Edward, and Daniel and Mary.

93/84/64928 Richard Lee of Drogheda.

94/323/66523 John Barlow and Richard Lee of Drogheda.

99/491/70211 William Lee and Lee

100/465/71256 Bridget Dowdall/Lee and Lee

100/466/71258 as above

100/525/71534 Bridget Lee of Dublin and Richard Maunsell of Limerick

101/430/72270 George Backas and Edward Lee, both of Waterford

103/76/70700 Richard Lee of Drogheda.

104/129/72291 Simon Vashon and Lee

104/130/72293 as above

105/116/72809 Townly Hardy Balfour and Lee

105/131/72864 Bridget Dowdall and Lee

105/164/73024 Philip Crampton and Lee

109/497/76833 Chief Remembrancer and Lee

110/130/75971 Helena Lee and Lee

111/188/76160  Thomas Lee and Taylor

114/332/79122 Henry Lee and Ryves

118/207/80488 Bridget Dowdall/Lee and Lee

119/532/83512  2.6.1746 Richard Lee of Correvan, Monaghan, his daughter Elizabeth to marry Gerrard Walsh. William Lee and Rev Michael Lee.

121/40/81983 27.8.1745 Richard Ley of Dukattin Monaghan, and Edward, on his marriage to Jane Cranston, niece of Archdeacon Cranston of Clogher.

123/535/86579 William OBrien and Lee

128/538/87918 Dawson and Ley

129/487/87930 Registered will of 19.3.1747 regarding land at Rathmea, co Meath, leased from John Leigh, esq.

134/333/91201 Dawson and Leigh.

137/46/92375 Sir William Wolsey and Anthony Lee of Dublin

142/415/96137 Thomas Wilson of Dublin and Lee

145/78/96931 Henry Moore and Lee

145/207/97717 Richard Lee of Cork.

146/49/96616 Margaret Lee and Duhigg

146/374/97992 4.3.1750 Carelton & others to William Ley of Cootehill, property of late Isaac Davenport; house & garden etc, 25 acres, Kil(Hil)cramp on north and west, old Quaker house on south, and bog of Lisnavanagh near William Moore; witnesses Rachel Carelton and John Ingham, also Gerrard Welsh of Dublin.

147/232/99566 Thomas Bushe and Lee

149/5/98640 Registered will 17.5. 1751 of James Ash, Captain in Bury’s reg of foot, witnessed by a notary public, Robert Lee, Londonderry.

149/15/99250 or 149/152/99250 Jacob Wilson and Richard Lee Cabragh Lane Dublin

153/226/102415/6 Henry Moore and Lee

153/266/102415/6 William Foster and Lee

155/220/104323 Aron Atkinson and Lee

157/23/103680 Jacob Wilson and Richard Lee Cabra Lane Dublin

157/573/107175 Richard, William Lee of Waterford and Power

158/366/106357 Samuel Barker co Dublin and John Lee Waterford

158/414/106529 Richard Lee of Drogheda.

160/575/106014 Robert Lee and White

161/389/109118 Annesley to Francis Leigh

164/594/112389 Registered will of 17.4.1754 of Helena Lee, Limerick, his sons John of Lairn, Armagh, Anthony Lee of Waterford, sons Arthur, Patrick, daus Catherine, Margaret and Susanna, Elizabeth Dineen, dau of Elizabeth Bridget Terry (nee Lee), dau Helena Bates. Re property in Limerick and Iveragh, Kerry

165/287/111328 David Parker and Lee

166/391/111987 Francis Leigh of Drogheda, 99 years lease, land in Cavan.

176/350/119121 13.10.1755 William Roe and another and Edward Ley, Cootehill, re Rakain bog and Drumgoon, corn mill and water courses; witnesses Charles Mayne and Robert Burck.

176/358/119161 Thomas Burgh and Lee

184/542/124216 Samuel Barker Waterford and John Lee Waterford

185/545/124215 Samuel Barker Waterford and John Lee Waterford


189/516/126430 10.3.1757 William Ley, Cootehill to Bevan? re house in Cootehill.

189/531/126483 7.10.1754 and 19.12.1754, Will of John Dawson, re freehold property at Donore co Monaghan.  Witness Edward Lee, Cootehill.

196/297/130067 Mary Power and Lee

202/12/133868 Registered will 1.8.1758 of Henry (brother of Rowland) Singleton his niece Sarah Leigh, his sister Ann Corbet, her husband Dr Edward Leigh sister Mary Leigh, her grandson John Leigh and Edward Leigh, and nephew Francis Leigh. Lands at Louth, Meath, Dublin, and Cavan, purchased from Mr Fitzherbert.  House in Jervis Street, Dublin, and Lawrence treet, Drogheds. A codicil of 30.11.1758; Mary Leigh, his sister, widow of John Leigh is now deceased

204/122/134658 7.5.1759 William Ley Cootehill, with land at Correvan, Agheragh, Drummany, and Glen, in Monaghan, re marriage to Eliz Graydon, widow, of Fintona, co Tyrone, nee Eccles, daughter of Charles Eccles of Ecclesville, Tyrone.  Witness, William Ley of Leysboro.

210/210/138580 1761 Michael Leigh near Mullingar.

212/290/139247 30.5.1761 Dawson to Leigh, Francis Leigh re James Leigh, deceased.

212/402/139796 Jane Lee and White

220/306/144918 Bellingham Boyle, Chief Remembrancer, Chamberlain Walker and Thomas Lee Dublin

221/198/148796 Dame Catherine Walker and Lee

226/629/151853 Registered will of 27.7.1764 of John Brown, Dublin, merchant, was witnessed by Robert Leigh Dublin

227/469/148712 [this book contains a duplicated series of page numbers; from 1-523, then 424-635, this item is in the second series] Registered will 10.12.1763 of James Johnston, to his wife Mary, her mother Martha Leigh, Francis, and Robert Leigh her brothers, and Isaiah Johnston his brother’s son.

228/352/131132 Thomas Lee, Lattagloghan.

228/493/152136 Champion Boswell and Lee

232/434/153374 14.8.1759 Luther to Lee, Simon Lee, Mark Lee, Currahoe, Lavey.


250/599/166113 Edward Bull and Lee

253/190/162704 1766 Robert Lee to his son John, Magherafelt.

253/753/153/53/112/367612? Lee to Lee???

260/349/170735 Richard Lee and Lee

261/227/162134 on 11.11.1767 William Lye of Cootehill to Wildridge. Witness William Lee of Cootehill and William Adams of Cootehill.

262/236/339253 ? Barker to Ley see 620

264/331/3154304 ? Lloyd Lee to Bayly?

265/582/179848 27.2.1770 Edwd Lee, Cootehill to Lord Bellamont

267/603/178681 Registered will of 9.12.1769 of George Forbes, Earl of Granard, Longford witnessed by Thomas Lee attorney, of Dublin

268/349/170734\5 Registered will of Richard Lee of Prussia Street, Dublin, a gardener, to his wife, Elizabeth, his niece Jane Maddock, her husband John the younger, a hatter, nephews John Lee, Richard Lee, his niece Mary Lee, his cousin Hanover Lee, nephew Matthew Lee.

269/359/177411 Peter Barre and Lee

274/60/175697 Thomas Lee of Dublin and Rev Charles Coote Dean of Kilfenora

274/340/178795 Martha Lee Dublin, spinster and Franklin Drury Dublin

280/21/179059 William Lee and Taylor

282/475/185336 Earl of Milltown and Lee

283/683/188153 John Allison and Lee

285/47/184255 Robert Ball and Lee

287/123/185828 John Boucher and Lee

292/371/190934 23.7.1762 Michael Lee, Cleric, & Moore Lee, his son, re Rakeanmore, to John Moore.  Witnesses George Moore, of Rakean and Philadelphia, and William Giles.


295/511/197866 John Dickson and Lee

297/677/196630 John Allison and Lee

300/157/199132 William Lee and Lee

306/300/305/571/381052 ? Lee to Murphy, Tullyinshin bog.

308/672/208817 2503.1772 Rev Michael Lee, Moore Lee, to Rev William Lee, Leihin in Carrarogy.

312/333/208875 ?

313/644/212865 24.1.1764 Moore Lee and marriage to Frances Patterson, Witnesses Richard Lee, gent.

314/20/208815 dated 6.3.1772  Moore Lee to Rev William Lee, Cootehill, re Frances Patterson, wife of Moore Lee, and daughter of Alexander Patterson, Carrickbeg, Fermanagh, re Drummavale and Aghagashin in Cavan, and a house in Cootehill.

321/278/216022 15.2.1769 Earl of Belmont to Lee, Thomas Lee of Cornacrieve, re mill and bleach green at Lisnageer, then to Ann Lee, daughter of Moore.  Reg 26.5.1778.

322/277/216025 25.3.1778 William Lee of Carvogy to Rev William Lee of Drumkerin, Leitrim, cleric.  Witnesses William Giles and Thomas Coyle.

322/304/216243 Peter Brady and Lee

323/573/221137 William Taylor and Lee

327/112/259306? Dawson to Lee, Cuttragh.

328/476/221787 Thomas Martin and Lee

329/--- /260879? Ley to Ley.

329/12/217620 11.4.1777 George Lee of Augher, and Mary.

329/499/220326 1779 Martha Lee to Young, re house at St Stephen's Green.

329/  /260879 Ley to Ley, Cootehill.

332/192/224023/4 Henry Bolton, Rev William Buckner and Lee

332/231/22607 ? to Lee, Drumnegran.

337/409/227536 Bartholemew Creagh and Lee

338/118/226417 18.1.1781 Moore to Lee; William Moore, Tullyvin, Drumnagran, Edward Lee, merchant, Cornemahair, Tullyvin, for the lives of Edward Lee the younger of Dromnegran, eldest son of lessee, of Garrett Lee, his youngest son, and Edward the second son of Edward younger, grandson of lessee.


338/354/227945 Benjamin Lee and Smith

349/222/233773/ Moore to Giles, Denn.

351/553/237916 Ann Mary McKenna and Lee

356/571/242605 5.8.1782 William Ley, Aughabegduff, Monaghan, Edward Lee, Drumnagran, witness Mary Lee, wife of Thomas of Cootehill, and Ephriam Talbot.

360/537/244961 Caldbeck and Lee

364/176/377235 ? Lee & ano? to Leet.

369/251/247047 Charles Dillon-Lee and Dillon

377/550/255220 Abraham Abbot and Lee

385/319/255330  16.2.1787 Ley to Harris, Cootehill House Elizabeth Eccles/Ley widow late of Clonkeenan co Monaghan grants power of attorney to her kinsman by marriage John Harris, witnesses Neason Wildridge and Wm Ley.

408/272/270347 Hon Charles Dillon-Lee and Palmer

410/23/265812 Registered will 3.12.1788 of William Perrott Newburgh of Cavan – Rev Wm Lee a witness.

431/194/279709 Registered will 28.1.1791, witnessed by Andrew Lee of Kilkenny

418/15/272304 William Smith and Lee

448/299/287352 John and Thomas Travers and Lee

449/523/288971 Grace Travers and Lee

453/39/285970 Grace Travers and Lee

459/513/295292 Cudmore and Lee

463/110/296273 Nicholas Foorde Royse Thomas Henry Royse and Lee

470/349/305916 26.4.1794 William Ley to Ralph Dawson re Lehan in Carrogy.

472/154/300836 Registered will of 16.9.1793 of Elizabeth Freeman of Wicklow witnessed by Jno Lee.

482/352/310868 Lord Pery and Lee

483/572/314789 Thomas Lee and Hogan

490/343/314788 Thomas Lee and Hogan

492/400/329038 Corp of Taylors and Lee

493/141/320324 Sarah Lee and Thomas Lee and Gardiner

494/593/337291 Mary and Thomas Lee marriage articles

496/10/317919 Sargent and Lee

501/199/322139 Thomas Lee and Kearns

501/386/324908 Thomas Lee and Nunn

520/168/339315 Henrietta, James, Mary Benj, Michael Kearney and Lee

520/160/339251 & 520/2940/2960/332901/332961? Barker to Ley? Stroan, Drumsillagh. try 570.

533/15/352043-533/131/3522043 533/151/352043 Lee to Lee, Cornacanaw.

533/136/3390910 Lee to Young, Cootehill. see next?

533/166/352090 23.3.1801 Lee to Young and wife. Jane Lee, widow of Edward, Ephriam Young, son-in-law, and Elizabeth Young, her daughter.


542/317/357799 Registered will 19.10.1801 of Christopher Magee, Naas, witnessed by William Lee, sadler, Naas

545/17/358328 Laurence Jephson and Lee

549/118/33601310 Ley to Lee 549/181/601310 Drumgill.

552/18/364919 22.12.1802 Edward Lee senior, Drumnagran, Margaret Lee, daughter of Ephriam Talbot, and Ephriam Lee.

554/118/366436 Lee and Talbot 13.7.1791 Edward Lee of Drumnagran, and Lettitia Talbot, a lease for the duration of the lives of Edward Lee and Ephraim Talbot, son of Thomas Talbot

555/112/367612 Lee to Lee Thomas decd, wife Mary, re Lattagloghan Cavan etc

566/165/301652 Lee to Murphy 4.9.1804 Edward Lee of Tullyvin re property in Cootehill adjoining Rev Michael Lees house to Edward junior the sale of the property to Murphy

570/296/332901 see 520 above.

608/283/417841 3.5.1798 Christopher Lee and Hugh Lee, his son, of Mullamagavin, lease for 999 years. Registered 9.5.1809.

620/2360/339253 see 262 Baker to Ley, Granard.

633/132/351843? Lee to Lee, Cootehill.

650/228/446379 William H Lee and Constantina Drew, Dublin spinster

651/298/449129 Edward Lee and Lee

652/341/448416 Edward Lee and Gibbins

658/79/418311? O'Reilly to Lee.

664/130/456482 Charles Coote and Lee

725/223/495159 Registered will of 5.3.1818 witnessed by George Lee, Waterford

799/63/539398 24.12.1824 Terence Carroll of Virginia, publican, to Ann Carroll, nee Lee, and Mary Lee, widow, of Ranrena.

820/210/552145 Registered will 16.1.1827 witnessed by Francis Lee parish clerk of Clonbullock, King’s County

866/282/576782 Registered will of 16.12.1830 witness Henry Lee of city of Limerick