PhotographLeslie Long

Leslie Long is a software developer with a large telephone company in Ireland, and is the creator of Autotest, an automatic dialling program which uses standard PCs and modems to initiate around 3,000 test calls per day. Autotest also logs and analyses details of success rate, receive level in both directions. Leslie has worked on PC projects using software to test modems and data lines, as well as fault finding on customers' PSTN and ISDN lines for Internet and other use. He began programming in BASIC in 1981, and has since moved on to VB for DOS and Windows, Delphi, JavaScript, Perl and Java. Other interests include music, sound re-inforcement and amateur radio. Recently, he has written a musical, "CaisleŠin ”ir", based on a novel by Seamus ” Grianna. He currently resides in Letterkenny, Ireland.