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MailChecker NEW

MailChecker is an application allowing you to connect to one or more POP3 mailboxes, and preview the headers and a small amount of body text contained in each Email. MailChecker can then select for deletion those Email previews which contain pre-defined words, without needing to download the complete Email. MailChecker is ideal for screening Email which might contain junk or viruses, before actually downloading the Email in your usual Email program.

MailChecker is designed to work on any system (Windows, Mac, Linux) loaded with a Java Virtual Machine (1.0.2 or later). This includes systems with Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer Version 3.0 or higher installed. MailChecker's interface uses basic components in its windowing system - a future version will take full advantage of a more recent Java Runtime Environment.

The following image shows just a few junk mail rules that can reduce the amount of junk and virus laden Emails by over 90%!

The AutoDelete feature will automatically select and delete found junk Email in all accounts.

MailChecker is available for download as follows:

Filename Version Date Size
Download Time * The MailChecker application in ZIP format. 1.0.0 beta 13th January,2002 37 1 minute

* @ speed of 28.8Kbps

Modemlog and Ppplog File Viewers

Windows 95 and Windows 98 can record log files that can be useful for monitoring calls and for trouble-shooting.

Click for full size image

The log file viewers display the logged data in an easy-to-read chart.
Modemlog File Viewer Version 1.04 supports multiple languages.

The log file viewers are available for download as follows:

Filename Version Date Size
Download Time *
mdmlog.exe The Modemlog file viewer in self extracting ZIP format. 1.04 5th March,2000 202 1 minute
ppplog.exe The Ppplog file viewer in self extracting ZIP format. 1.12 30th Aug,1999 191 1 minute
Self extracting and installing of the above viewers. All components can be remove in Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
1.03 and 1.12 respectively 20th Nov,1999 981 5 minutes

* @ speed of 28.8Kbps

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