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If you have any queries, please use the form below. I currently receive around 30 emails per day, and although many of these are junk emails, due to work commitments, a few days can pass before I get to reply to emails. I tend to reply to queries in batches, often at the weekend, so checking out my FAQs page might be quicker!

Please note: Some ISPs provide links to the "Modem Speed Test Page" on their websites. Queries regarding service provided by ISPs should be directed to the relevant ISP.

Some Frequently Asked Questions include:

Problem See FAQ
Slow speed, poor results My results come nowhere near what they should be. What can I do?
Slow speed, poor results, calls breaking down, problems connecting I think my problem lies with my line, how can I test it?
Highest connection speed is 26,400bps or less Why does my modem always connect at 26.4Kbps?
I have called your technical support people, but..... I have called your technical support people, but.....

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