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Official Mirrors

Official Mirror sites

These sites provide official mirrors of the testpages. A mirror sites near you is less likely to be affected by Internet congestion, and the results should indicate your actual connection speed more accuarately.

US Ohio
Australia Queensland
Canada Toronto, Ontario
Canada (French) Quebec
*Hungary (Hungarian) Unknown
Italy (Italian) Unknown
Mexico (Spanish) Hermosillo, Sonora
*Portugal Unknown
Switzerland Geneva
UK Newport, UK
London, UK

Mirrors site in other locations and languages will be added in the near future.

Becoming an official mirror

If you want to become a mirror site in a country (or connectivity region) with no current mirror, please send me an Email, having read the following guidelines:

  • The mirror site should be on a server which has sufficient
    bandwidth to the Internet.
  • In the interest of keeping the test pages consistent, the pages must remain unaltered apart, from location and language changes. Most of these changes can be easily made by changing variables at the beginning of the JavaScript code. The files must retain their respective filenames and paths, and the graphic files provided must be used.


These pages are the copyright of Leslie Long. You are specifically prohibited from distributing, in any form, copies of any the files. You are also prohibited from charging, or requesting donations, for the tests.

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