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Windows 95 can record a log file named Modemlog.txt in the folder where Windows is installed. This file is useful for monitoring calls and for trouble-shooting. The Modemlog File Viewer program presents the information in the Modemlog.txt file in a table as shown below. You can download (174KBytes) or a self-extracting Zip (981KBytes) file containing both the Modemlog File Viewer and the Ppplog File Viewer.

Windows 98 also records modem log files, but assigns a filename, which reflect the modem's name, to the log file.

Note: You must be off-line to view the modemlog.txt file. Also, no log data is appended to the modemlog.txt file when its size is around 250Kbytes.

screen capture of the Modemlog File Viewer in use - 23Kbytes

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Last updated on August 30th, 1999

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