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"I can't tell you what a relief it was to finally find a site that was dedicated to answering internet connection questions."

Josh Ayers, Indiana

"I've just upgraded from X2 to V90 and found this site excellent for comparing the difference."

Stephen O'Toole, England

"I recently had problems with my modem speed and your test page was instrumental to my resolving the problem."

Tony Chee, Singapore

"Your site was a big help in figuring out how fast I am really going. I really am at 33.6."

Frank Davis, Texas

"Thanks for putting something useful out there, I'll tell others."

Joey Pierce, Arizona

"... what it would actually give you is the overall speed of the network connection between you and the Web server, which is affected by many things other than your 'modem', including the load on the server."

John Navas, Navas Group, California

"I finally got the connection working and the results of the speed test using the new modem was 3.8 sec., and checked it several times as I couldn't believe it."

F. Coyle, Ireland

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