Limerick FC Photo Page

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1.Limerick FC v Shamrock Rovers 7/7/06

2. The Packed Shed at the same Game



1.Limerick FC 1980 with Karl Spain as mascot

2. John mc Grath signs for Limerick Fc

3. Limerick Team Photo v Kilkenny City 5/4/05

4. Bren and Some Lims Supporters




5. The Shed v Dundalk FC  1/7/05

6. Tommy Scores v Dublin City 19/8/05

7. Trev and de boys Away to Kildare County 

8. Limerick FC Away Support v Drogheda in the FAI Cup



9, Limerick FC Fans away at Galway Utd

10. Limerick FC Fans away at Galway Utd

11. Crowd at Hogan Pk v Dublin City 19/8/05

12. Robbie in Action v Dublin City 15/4/05


13. 2005 Team Photo v Monaghan Utd 25/3/05

14. The Blues take the field at Kilkenny  3/6/05