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If you don't know what "IMHO you should RTFM, but YMMV" means
then this program will be of use to you. It allows you to enter an
acronym (abbreviation) into the top icon (pressing Ctrl-U will clear it),
press return and it will supply you with the meaning. It's as simple
as that.




These are example results, simply type an acronyms or abbreviation and press return, the result will be displayed in the lower writable icon.

Acronyms Menu
'Info' will give info about the program, including authors.
'Help' has 'Help', 'History' and 'Additional' options in it, clicking on one will open the appropriate help file
(These can also be viewed in the 'Docs' directory inside the application).
In 'Options', there is 'Update' and 'Open...':
In Open, you can open one of the three data files used by !Acronyms to store acronyms.
Here is the help file 'Additional':

Adding new abbreviations is very easy. Simply select either the
Acronyms, Computers or the Emoticons options from the Options and 
then Open submenu to open one of the text files and then type 
in your new abbreviation.

The Three text files are:
1) Acronyms for e.g. IIRC
2) Emoticons for e.g. :-)
3) Computers for e.g. ARPANet

The abbreviations must be entered with a return character at the end.

IIRC<press return>
If I Recall Correctly<press return>

Now (after you've saved the text file) select 'Update' from the menu
and your abbreviation will have been added.

NOTE: How you enter the abbreviation into the text file will be how it
will have to be entered when the program is running, spaces included.

After changing one (or more) of the files, click 'Update' to update Acronyms.


100K RAM (or more for every time you hit 'Update')
RISC OS 3.50
A 800x600 display


This program is FREEWARE which means that you may give a copy of it to
anyone as long as you do not make any profit from it. No matter what
you do with it though, you have to keep all files together and the
copyright message must be included, I retain the Copyright.


!Acronyms was originally written by Gareth Duncan, but he stopped
development a few years ago.
I understand he made this program into a Java applet.
As of July 2001 I have taken over development of Acronyms.
Gareth very kindly let me develop this program further.


Click here to contact me

Thanks To

Gareth Duncan deserves most credit, for the creation of the program.
!StrongHelp's manuals "Acronyms" and "Computers" for data.
The sprites were designed by Gareth J Dykes, whom I thank for his permission
to use them.
The wonderful !Zap.
My brother, Daryl, and Gareth Dykes for (beta) testing the program.
Various others, which I have forgot !

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