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Clocker is a tool designed for use by people who need to know the time in
zones around the planet.


Currently it supports:
All the programs data is generated by calling OS_ConvertDateAndTime except
Internet Time which is a complex formula.

When the program is run, a long thin banner will appear at the top of the
screen. At this point I should say Clocker requires a 1280x1024 display to
see the complete banner. Clocker will also create a iconbar icon.

There are several ways you can control the window:
1. Use the iconbar icon menu to open or close the window
2. Click Select on the iconbar icon to open the window and Adjust to close it.
3. Click with any button over the Clocker sprites and version information to close the window.

I must reiterate this program requires a 1280x1024 screen to operate successfully.


As at the top of the page, this program requires 156KB of available RAM
(DrWimp requires a large WimpSlot)
It should work on RISC OS 3.1 but RISC OS 3.5+ is recommended to achieve
1280x1024 resolutions.


This program is made publically available only in the hope it may be useful.
I had not planned on releasing it but I have had comments about screenshots
with the program running.
The program it'self is released under the GNU General Public License. The
crunched (!RunImageX) and the source (!RunImage) are included.


Yours truly :-)


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