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Turtle Graphics is my RISC OS version of the very popular LOGO programming
language as used on BBC machines in the eighty's. It is based on the Turtle
program created by Acorn Computers Ltd. as an example program on the BBC
Master 128 master floppy disc.


LOGO is a simple graphics-based language often used for teaching computer
programming. However, LOGO is also a powerful language and can be used to
simulate basic artifical intelligence systems (as demonstrated by a PC version
of LOGO). My RISC OS LOGO does not support these extra commands and
is designed for graphics use only.
LOGO consists of four main commands: FD, BK, RT and LT:
Full help within the application is supplied. Type 'HELP' to run the help


RISC OS 3.10


This program is FREEWARE which means that you may give a copy of it to
anyone as long as you do not make any profit from it. No matter what
you do with it though, you have to keep all files together and the
copyright message must be included, I retain the Copyright.


Richard Butler


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