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John Thaw and co in 'The Sweeny', a popular 70's detective show. John Thaw played Detective Inspector John Albert. Funny, eh?

A picure of John Thaw from quite a long time ago.

Last of Morse
A symbolic photograph from the filming of _The Remorseful Day_ showing the
empty seats of John Thaw (Inspector Morse) and Colin Dexter (Inspector Morse

Death Is Now My Neighbour
Robert Lewis and Chief Inspector Morse in 'Death Is Now My Neighbour'

The Re-Morseful Day 1
From the filming of _The Remorseful Day_, a few seconds before Morse collapses
of a heart attack.

Thaw and Chris
John Thaw (Inspector Morse) and Chris at the filming of _The Remorseful Day_.
Note the seat in the background, this is the seat from the above photo.

Thaw and Colin
Colin Dexter (Writer) and John Thaw (Morse) at the filming of _The Remorseful

Thaw and Barrington
John Thaw (Morse) and Barrington Pheloung (Composer of the themem tune as well as other tunes for Morse). Barrington symbolically appears in _The
Remorseful Day_ minutes before Morse collapses.

Chris and Cy
Chris and Cy. Note the sign in the background, viewers of _The Remorseful
Day_ will know about this!

Thaw, Dexter and Cy
'The Three Amigos' (John Thaw (Morse), Cy and Colin Dexter (Author))

The Re-Morseful day 2
Shot from 'The Remorseful Day', just after Morse collapses. This shot is not
actually not in the film.

John Thaw
John Thaw (Inspector Morse)

John Thaw 2
John Thaw signing autographs at the shooting of _The Remorseful Day_

Intro Collage    Intro Collage 2
Picures of various people from _The Remorseful Day_. Too many to number, just
see the film :)

Kevin and Wendy
This is from one of the early Morse TV series, Dr. Russell and a rather-young-
looking Robbie Lewis.

Lewis and Morse
Kevin Whately (Robert Lewis) and John Thaw (Inspector Morse) in a bookshop
in Britain. This bookshop pop's up in _The Remorseful Day_ at times.

Making 1   Making 2
Photo one is from the filming of a early Morse TV series (Note the fine head
of hair John Thaw had back then!)
Photo two is Morse's Jaguar car. Drooling can commence now :)

Outside Bookshop
From outside the bookshop -- lot of camera's eh ?

Superintendent Strange (don't giggle), the head of Thames Valley CID.
He's Morse and Lewis' boss.

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