Lucan Chess Club


Hanbury Lane, Lucan Village


 Lucan Chess club is open every Thursday night and anyone who knows how to play the game is more than welcome to attend. Lucan has one team in Division 1 of the Leinster Chess Leagues ( Armstrong Cup )


 Normally, casual chess is being played in a very relaxed atmosphere but occasionally the club might be playing a match in the Leinster League and on these occasions there may be a more serious air about the room.



The clubroom is probably one of the most comfortable in the Leinster Leagues, with comfortable chairs and plenty of table space. The room is accessed from the side entrance to the Presbyterian Church. It is strictly non-smoking and there is no alcohol allowed on the premises. Kenny's pub is very close and members have been known to have apres match drinks and chat there.


The club secretary and team captain is JIM MURRAY who will be delighted to answer any enquiries. Jim's mobile no. is 086 3547530.