Mountmellick Community School
S. T. E. P. S. Engineering


ENGINEERING- A financially rewarding, dynamic and fulfilling career choice providing exciting opportunities both at home and abroad. It is engineers that make significant contributions to improving the environment and the quality of all our lives by finding  innovative solutions to societies challenges and demands.


IMAGINATIVE - Do you seek solutions and think about new ways of assessing problems?
COMMUNICATIVE - Can you happily share your ideas and work within a team?
CREATIVE - Can you bring facts and methods together to solve problems?
CURIOUS - Do you need to understand how and why things work?
RESPONSIBLE - Can you work on your own initiative?

If the answer is YES, then Engineering is the career for you!

Read about some types of Engineering jobs...

(1)    What is an Agricultural and Food Engineer?
An agricultural and food engineer applies engineering technology to food production, food processing, and bio-resources, turning raw materials into everyday familiar foods such as pasta, pizza, yoghurt and soft drinks.  They also design food production and food processing systems and production machinery.

(2)  What is a Biomedical Engineer?
A biomedical engineer uses engineering principles to solve biological problems.  The biomedical engineer uses a broad range of engineering knowledge which -is drawn from the fields of chemical, electrical, mechanical, electronic and computer engineering to design, develop and use materials for clinical research, as well as for diagnosis and treatment of patients.

(3)    What is a Chemical and Process Engineer?
A chemical and process engineer works with the research and findings of chemists and microbiologists and process chemicals used in just about everything around us.

(4)    What is a Civil and Structural Engineer?
A civil/structural engineer works with the design, construction and maintenance of major structures such as roads, railways, bridges, tunnels, airports, docks, canals and large structures of every kind from skyscrapers to offshore oil rigs.

(5)    What is a Computer and Software Engineer?
A computer/software engineer develops new applications for computers by combining the skills of both electrical engineering and computer science.  Computer and software engineers develop both hardware and software.  Projects can begin with the design of a single silicone chip and end with a large scale information system.

(6)    What is an Electrical and Electronic engineer?
An electrical and electronic engineer designs, develops, tests and supervises the manufacture of electrical and electronic equipment.  Today electrical and electronic engineers share a common theme of electricity as carrier of energy and as a carrier of information.

(7)    What is a Mechanical engineer?
A mechanical engineer is concerned with the design, planning and development of machines and equipment ranging from jet engines to minute instruments used in medicine and surgery.  The mechanical engineer is also responsible for organising their means of production.

Did you know???

Engineering Employers
Analog Devices
Arup Consulting Engineers
Bausch and Lomb
BOC Gases
Boston Scientific
Cement Roadstone Holdings
Intel Ireland
Motorolia SPS
Nortel Networks
National Roads Authority
Roche Ireland
John Paul Construction
SIAC Construction
Silicon and Software Systems
Project Management