Mountmellick Community School
S. T. E. P. S. Visit 

In May 2001 our Transition Year class, Transition Year Co-ordinator, Ms Wafer and Guidance Counsellor, Ms McCarthy visited DIS Enbi Seals Ireland Ltd. thanks to the S.T.E.P.S. Programme and the Plant manager Mr Begley.  This factory is located in the Clonminam Industrial Estate, Portlaoise.  It manufactures pipe seals, technical rubber parts and rubber based systems.

When we arrived at the factory, we were given an introductory talk in the boardroom and then led on a tour of the factory with Brain and Deirdre.  We had all been given questionnaires before the visit, so we looked for answers as we were led around the plant.  The kind of information that we learned was

After the visit, we met with Wilson Palokkaran who explained about research and development in this type of industry.  We were also introduced to Annette Leogre who gave us an overview of how the company deals with purchasing, sales, quality management and general business management.

Then it was time for refreshments and the chance to chat about our visit.  My thoughts on completing this visit are that I am amazed at all the different stages and processes that are involved inproducing a product.  Also every department depended on the other to ensure smooth production that was up to standard.

There were many examples of engineering such as mechanical engineering with the machinery and the laboratory testing of the products.  There was also chemical engineering with support offered to clients when they look for products to meet particular needs and international standards.

Finally, the visit was also very good as we got to see what working in a factory can be about.  Thank you to Mr Begley, Wilson and Ms Leogre, also thanks to our tour guides who explained everything so easily as well as to all the employees.

Written by Claire S.