Mountmellick Community School

Equipped with the most advanced computer technology including CD-ROM, the Computer Department provides hands-on experience in applications for commercial and industrial life.  The student is given the opportunity to learn every aspect of computing : from its social impact to the composition of computer hardware.

The Department integrates with other subject areas, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Geography, Science, History and Career Guidance.  Programmes are available for helping students make career choices, printing and publishing the school magazine; drawing plans for engineering components and furniture, together with coding for the use of computer-controlled machinery.

Certification is granted for program writing.  The Computer facilities are available outside class time for the more ambitious student.

For the past two years the school has been a centre for the Department of Education and Science's IT2000 Teaching Skills Initiative for both Primary and Post-Primary School Teachers.

Computers teachers in the school include Mr Courtney, Mr Hogan, Ms Wafer, Ms Dunne, Ms Leonard.

From MCS handbook