Mountmellick Community School
Drug Research

What is a drug?
A drug is any chemical that alters how the body works, or how a person behaves or feels.
A drugís effects depends on

Apart from the well known and much publicized dangers associated with illegal drugs like heroin cocaine and cannabis,
Cannabis, and ectascy, legal drugs can also be misused it is important to be made aware of the dangers theses misuses can have.

Why are drugs used?

Who Misuses drugs?
Misuse occurs in all age groups. For young people there is the added risk of it disrupting normal development and growth

Why do young people use drugs?

How do you know if someone is taking drugs?
Someone who is taken drugs is very often mistaken for some that is not well. The symptoms are very similar; here is a guide to some of the symptoms of a drug taker: Before concluding that some one you know is taking drugs it is important to consider all these factors before confronting them.

If you do know someone firstly get advise from a parent,  teacher or counsellor. Any drug user be referred to a doctor , school counsellor, or a drug treatment centre.

Be sure you know the facts and  risks , its your life, so have the courage to say ďNOĒ to drugs. l it is easy to enjoy life without drugs take part in hobbies or music. Most  importantly share your  problems with your friends or someone that can help you donít bottle them up.

Written by Third Year CSPE Action Project members