Mountmellick Community School

In Mountmellick Community School, French is one of our optional subjects. There are three French teachers in our school, Ms Nolan, Ms Kinnarney and Ms Ewing.

We are taught how to speak write and understand the language in order to cope in social and public occasions.

The value of a continental language is obvious in an increasing united Europe , it is also an entry requirement of many university courses that students have passed a continental language at Leaving Certificate level.

There is a top-of-the-range Language Laboratory available to all language students in the school.

In the current school year, there will a French Exchange trip for the Fourth Year French class to Nice in the South of France on the 25th April for ten days.  The return visit will be at the end of May, 2000.  These French students will stay with host families in the Mountmellick area during this time.

Written by Third year students