Mountmellick Community School
Ladies Gaelic Football

Gaelic football for girls in recent years has become very popular in our school.  1996 was the first year that the school entered a team.  1n 1997 the u-16 junior team reached the Leinster final, but sadly lost.  1998 was another great year for the ladies football in the school they might not have won any competitions but worked really hard and trained well together and played some excellent football throughout the year in both senior and junior levels.

1n 1999, all the hard work, with training in all kinds of weather, paid off for the girls when it just about felt that they would never win anything they eventually became champions of Leinster in Senior level, then less then a week later the Junior team pulled off what might of  seemed impossible at the time the very same title champions of Leinster beating the very same team as the Seniorís beat - Tallaght of Dublin.

This year the Juniors lost out in earlier on in the competition.  While the Seniors are waiting to play the next round of the competition, which will be hopefully, be played in the New Year.

The school team would not be so successful if the players hadnít known each others as well as they do from playing with each other with the Club team Sarsfields, along with winning the Leinster final with the school, the girls also became double champions of Laois when they won the finals in for both u-16 and u Ė14 levels just two months after winning the school finals this was a great achievement for the girls.

It has been a great year for both club and school teams; also many of these players have been playing with their county.

Written by Third Year students