Mountmellick Community School

Meitheal was originally set up in 1989 in association with the Kildare and Laois Diocesan.  There are ten students in a Meitheal group and members are selected from 4th/5th and 5th/6th year students.  Once selected, the ten students spend a week in Castletown, during the summer holidays, along with about six other groups from the Laois/Kildare region.  This week is meant to form a strong bond between members and to receive adequate training in dealing with possible situations which might arise at school.  During this week, the group learns to work together effectively in order to achieve what they set out to do.  A good product of this week is the strong friendships that form between the different members and the Meitheal leaders.

One of the jobs undertaken by the Meitheal group in a school is the initiation of the 1st years into the school.  Once finishing the weeks training, the group meets to organize this day’s activity.  The idea behind this day is to allow the new first years to mingle.  Through this they get to know each other and the Meitheal members.  They have an enjoyable time and relax before they enter into the school.

Once school starts, it is Meitheal obligation to ‘look after’ the first years.  One of the main aims of Meitheal is to prevent bullying amongst first years, along with other valuable support.  If first years, or any other year, have any problems at school they can approach a Meitheal member who will do their best to resolve the situation.  Meitheal’s ideal is to make the school a better place to learn in.

Written by S. McGlynn