Mountmellick Community School

The school offers three technological subjects, all of which may be studied to Honours Leaving Certificate level.

1. Technical Graphics:
This subject, along with developing students’ spatial abilities, develops hand–eye co–ordination and enhances problem-solving abilities.  It also fosters personal qualities such as co–operation and communication skills through group work and constant rapport with the teacher in the classroom.

Topics covered include 3–D drawing, orthographic projection, perspective projection, free hand sketching etc.  Our approach to teaching stresses “hands–on” experience, both on the traditional drawing board and on modern computers.

2. Materials Technology. (Wood)
This subject caters for all students with its wide variety of topics and elements. It is a subject with a practical base encompassing many craft areas and using a wide variety of materials.  However, at Leaving Certificate level, it also involves a great deal of theoretical study, and it is fully recognised as a third-level entrance qualification.

It is a child centred subject, which involves pupils working on projects designed to suit their particular needs.  The course encourages creativity, incorporating much design work.  It also fosters self-reliance through individual projects, and co-operative, social skills through group work.

3. Materials Technology.  (Metal)
A notable feature of this course is its broad scope.  It develops many ancient skills, but it also teaches pupils to handle the most complex modern equipment-including computers and electronic components.

The course develops the manipulative skills of cutting, forming, fabrication, machining, joining and finishing. Throughout the course, pupils undertake a wide variety of projects, many of which they design themselves.  Project work allows students to work in co-operating groups, where their social skills are fostered, as are their creativity and problem-solving capacity.

Technology teachers in the school include Mr O'Shea, Mr Burke, Mr Masterson.

From MCS handbook

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