Mountmellick Community School
Boys Senior A Volleyball Final 1999

On Friday third of December 1999, the All Ireland Volleyball Finals were held in the newly opened Mountmellick sports complex. The finals were held over two days, with the main event being the Boys Senior A final on Friday. They were playing Dunmanway.  The prize for winning the competition was a trip to Portugal to represent Ireland in an international competition. The final was set to start at 2.30pm but due to other games being played, the game did not start until 3.30pm. The stand in the complex was full to capacity.  The supporters from both Mountmellick and Dunmanway who travelled from Cork to Mountmellick let out a great cheer and both their boys and girls were in Senior A finals that day. In the first set, Dunmanway had service, their team worked well together, but Mountmellick however never got it together in the first set, the set ended Dunmanway  15, Mountmellick 5.  In the second set, Mountmellick started well gaining a four point lead, but Dunmanway once again took control and in this set they beat Mountmellick  15 6 . In the third and final set, Mountmellick started well once again but it was to late it seemed, Mountmellick were to late and once again Dunmanway took the final set 15-10. All the Mountmellick boys were highly disappointed, but what is left of the team next year will be back to compete for the Senior A title. All of the Mountmellick team would like to thank Miss Ryan for everything she has done for the team.
The Mountmellick senior A boys team consisted of boys from fourth and fifth year.  The team was:
Denis Q.,
James D.,
Colin C.,
Niall McE.,
Joe T.,
Michael R.,
James OL.,
David OM.,
David D.,
Michael F.,
Anthony Q.,

Coach: Ms Y. Ryan

Dunmanway won on the day and went home to Cork as All-Ireland Volleyball Senior A Champions.

Written by Michael R.