The port of New Ross is situated on the river  Barrow. And is home to the famine ship Dunbrody New Ross mainly imports and exports Grain,  Fertilizer , Coal , Cement , Petroleum products and Ore from the Galmoy Mines.Currently the Barrow is under going a re-alignment  to allow for the passage of larger ships and cargoes to its port.

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This is a picture of the river Barrow from the pink rock looking  towards the lucy rock at the very begining of the Barrow Relaignment  Scheme.

This is the dutch cuttersuction dredger working on the river  Barrow opp the Pink Rock. Note the floating pipe at the aft of the vessel which  is use to pump the silt material which the cutter head dredges  ashore.

Progress of the relaignment on th 7/10/99 looking towards the  Lucy rock from the Pink rock

The ex Ross harbour tug Ross 1 in Cardiff still under the same  name

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