Daltún Ó Ceallaigh



The Peace Process

 in Context



Published January 1996

ISBN 0-9518777-4-7

Paperback, 218 pages



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                                                                                PART I   A NEW DEPARTURE?


                                                                                1.        The Downing Street Declaration                   

                                                                                2.        Unionism & Britishness                          


                                                                                PART II   BRITISH  SOVEREIGNTY ND  IRELAND


                                                                                1.        The Background                                        

                                                                                2.        The British Position 1800-1973                  

                                                                                3.        Significance of the British Position                         

                                                                                4.        A Change of  British Position?                      

                                                                                5.        The Irish Position                                         

                                                                          Addendum   Self-determination & Territorialism            


                                                                                PART III   BRITAIN’S ALL-IRELAND STRATEGIES 1900-1995


                                                                                1.         The Background                                        

                                                                                2.         The All-Ireland Department 1900               

                                                                                3.         The Council of Ireland & Irish Union 1920           

                                                                                4.         The Council of Ireland 1973                           

                                                                                5.         The Anglo-Irish Conference 1985               

                                                                                6.         The North-South Body 1995                              

                                                                                Addendum  Cross Border Co-operation           


                                                                                PART IV   THE WAY FORWARD


                                                                                1.         Parity of Esteem or Entrenchment of Conservatism?                       

                                                                                2.         The End of Conflict?                                             





   Joint Sovereignty & Authority                                                

   Independence for the North?                                         

   Economic Sanctions & the North                                         

   Articles 2 & 3                                                                 

   Decommissioning of Arms                                               

   Imperialist Ideology & Ethnic Identity                            

   'North' & 'North West' Britain                                           

   The Cruthin                                                                     

   The Érainn & the Scotti                                                            

   Unionists & "Irish" & "British"  



   Loyalism, Unionism & a 'UK Community'                           

   The Inessential Nature of Sections 75 & 1               

   Status of N Ireland & Anglo-Irish Agreement            

   Discrimination & Government of Ireland Act                   

   Britain's Strategic Interest                                    

   The Institutional-Constitutional Dichotomy                   


   A 'United Ireland'                                                

   Association with the UK                                                 

   Unionist Enforcement of the Act of Union 






                   Main British Legislation Cited                          

                    Main irish Law & Declarations Cited               

                 Main Hiberno-British Accords Cited             

                            repeals of repealing statutes                                 



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