Normans in Europe

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Normandy is a region and former province of France bordering on the English Channel. In area it correspond approximately to the modern departmemt of Seine Maritime Euro Orme Cabrvados and Manche. Its capital is Rouen. Normandy is an agricultural region known for its diary industry. Under Roman domination the region formed part of Gallia Lugdunensis(Celtic Gaul). With the Frankish invasion it was made a constituente part of the kingdom of Neustria. It came to be known as Normandy about 911A.D., when Charles 3rd King of France turned it over to Rollo the leader of a menacing band of Viking raiders.

In 1066 a descandant of Rollo, William Duke of Normandy remained an English possession until conquered in 1204 by Philip 2nd Augustus king of France. During the hundred years' war the region was held at varios times by both French and English forces it was finally recovered by the French in 1450. The Channel Islands which were once a part of Normandy remained in the possesion of England. Normandy was the location of the allied invasion of German-Occupied France during World War 2.


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