For the past 25 years
Mike Kenny has excelled as one of the prime
Signwriters in the Galway area.
With the attention to detail, and experience shown
in every project, Mike has earned a reputation as one
of the most reliable and competent Signwriters,
working in the industry today.
Most importantly Mike takes pride in the special
relationships he has built with his client base,
over the years,this special customer service he
provides,ensures that clients return year after year
for repeat business

Signs are the hardest working form of advertising
a company can have.
compare the price of a professional sign to
newspaper, radio or golden pages advertising
and you will discover the sign is a bargain!

Mike's special interests include quality
hanpainted signs and especially: gold leaf work,
gold leaf signage has always indicated quality,
in the past a genuine gold leaf sign meant
the merchant or professional was established
and took pride in their community - it still does.
you only have to look at the shopfronts that the
tourists continually photograph - as opposed
to the neon and plastic to see which is the,
more attractive option.
Mike Kenny has worked on 90% of the shopfronts
in galway's main streets that you see today.

Please browse through the brief selection
in the gallery
and contact Mike if you require the same special treatment!