Do I Want A Siberian Husky?

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Training & Obedience

There's nothing like an obedient dog, and a Husky is nothing like an obedient dog. Not that we Huskies are stupid, on the contrary. We Huskies are extremely intelligent. When it comes to training we learn quickly but become bored very easily. We obey commands like sit, stay and come when it suits us. If we pick up any tension or nervousness in your voice, we may simply ignore you and continue what we're doing. I have seen Huskies that do what they are told, when they are told. But they have humans that work with them 4-5 times a week, re-enforcing all commands. One Husky I met was used as a rescue dog and boy was he impressive.

Noise and Neighbours.
Huskies are not a breed that barks at any old sound or passer by. In fact we seldom bark at all in comparison to most other breeds. However we do like to sing. To some people this sounds like a wolves soulful howl. In our pack we seldom do it. Usually when our food is late, or if we are left alone for some reason. Other than that we make wonderful neighbours, always greeting people with a lick and a wag.

Food & Appetite.
We Huskies are efficient eaters, normally we eat no more than we need. Sometimes we clean the bowl, sometimes we don't. This has been known to worry some humans, but worry not we will not allow ourselves to starve. Our humans feed us a premium dog food and we thrive on it, but since the food isn't free I won't advertise by telling you what it is.

The ideal form of exercise for us is to be harnessed to a sled and run for miles along snow covered terrain. As this is not always possible a good walk and twenty or thirty minutes of hard play will do. Let's face it, you humans could use the exercise too. When you have us out for a walk it is wise to keep us on a lead. Allowed to run free we may disappear or get shot by a farmer. It does happen. Farmers get violent when they see us chasing their livestock.

Life Expectancy.
Huskies normally live twelve to sixteen years. So if you do get a Husky you will have it a good long time.