The Officers of the
Royal Arch Chapter of Research 222

Installed in March 2007 for the Year 2007-8:

Excellent King:                                 Ex. Comp. T. E. Fitzpatrick.
High Priest:                                       M. Ex. Comp. W. G. McCrea.
Chief Scribe:                                     Ex. Comp. D. McGrew.
Registrar:                                          Ex. Comp. P. J. Letters.
Treasurer:                                         Ex. Comp. A. G. Smith.
Captain of the Host:                         V. Ex. Comp. Kwesi Ackah.
Sup'nt of the Tabernacle:                Ex. Comp. S. Carson.
Royal Arch Captain:                         Ex. Comp. W. Lamont.
Captain of the Scarlet Veil:              V. Ex. Comp. W. Brown.
Captain of the Purple Veil:               Ex. Comp. W. McIlveen.
Captain of the Blue Veil:                  Ex. Comp. D. McIlveen.
Janitor:                                              Ex. Comp. E. Henry.
Director of Ceremonies:                   Ex. Comp. J. A. Penny.
Almoner:                                            V. Ex. Comp. S. P. McCabe.
Chaplain:                                           Ex. Comp. N. Boal.
Editor:                                                Ex. Comp. R. Bashford.
Archivist:                                           Ex. Comp. R. Bashford.
Auditors:                                            Ex. Comp. J. Adamson.
                                                            V. Ex. Comp. W. Thornton.
Board of General Purposes:             M. Ex. Comp. C. H. Fallon
Steward of Regalia                            Ex. Comp. H. Kempton.


The Officers of the Chapter are nominated each year at the May Communication and elected at the October Communication. The Installation of the Officers is at the March Communication.

The Committee of Management:
Below are some brief extracts from the Bye-Laws of The Royal Arch Chapter of Research No. 222 :

1.  The Officers and Assistant Officers of the Chapter must be Members of the Committee of Management of the Chapter.  In addition, all subscribing Past Kings of the Chapter shall be Members of such Committee.  Membership of the Committee of Management shall be subject to annual review. 

2.  To qualify for Office or for promotion in Office, a Companion shall be a Member of the Committee of Management, and shall have attended at least two of the three Stated Communications of the Chapter in each of the three years previous to his election to any office. 

3.  A Closed Meeting of the Committee of Management takes place on the same date, at the same venue, and precedes each Stated Convocation of the Chapter. 


Web Master: Ex. Comp. Tom E. Fitzpatrick,
Royal Arch Chapter of Research No. 222 & Corinthian Muskerry Royal Arch Chapter No. 179, Dublin.