The List of Known Bugs and desirable features

"Send a Distrans" if you find any bugs not on this list.

Harkonnen treachery cards do not get given in the order specified in the rules.
Victory conditions are wrong for 2 players.

When a Karama is used to stop the Atreides battle  or spice blow prescience, the Atreides player does not get informed very clearly.
Alliance powers should be optional.
The Kwisatz Haderach cannot be revived.
On the client the Header text at the top does not always keep in synch with the server.

Need a better movement interface - arrow/highlight valid destinations.
Need a better revival display.
Add the ability to send a private message to other player(s).
Show explicit Karama to stop BG Voice.

After game over - next game crashes
Bidding start order wrong for less than 6 players

Advanced Game Bugs
Atreides cannot revive the Kwisatz Haderach.

Need a better Harkonnen leaders display when they have more than 5.
Harkonnen hand swap - server said "Stopping Atreides seeing cards" (wrong message)
Harkonnen hand swap - Atreides can still see the swapped cards.
Harkonnen hand swap on server - tries to do handswap on client too.
Harkonnen capture leader choice is confusing.

Emperor on client - Karama Ghola works on client then goes haywire.

Guild as client prevent off-planet ship with Karama crashes.
Guild was first player for battles even though last in storm order.
Guild is asked to move even before non players.

Fremen half storm loss not synched on non Fremen clients.
Fremen move Fedaykin not synched on server.
Fremen client Karama-worm doesn’t do the worm at location.
Fremen revived 2 fedaykin.

BG No spiritual advisor prompts.
BG free shipping does not synch properly if directed to shipping location.
BG client play Baliset as Karama - PLAY shown on server too.
BG play worthless as karama to buy card crashed the clients.