27/Aug/06 V2.34 Available
Bug Fixes:
Make sure truthtrance gets discarded when played by a client player during Atreides prescience.

polygons18/Oct/05 V2.33 Available
Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug where Harkonnen got erroneously Karama'd after getting free card.
Fixed treachery cards reshuffle - this was causing major problems.
Fixed another problem with the graphics engine leaving polygons behind.
Fixed a bidding bug when player increased bid up to the maximum then
the buttons disappeared and he was forced to bid that amount.
hitting the max spice buttons disappeared.
Now show the correct troop counts (in red) on client player's battle wheels.

Added more news ticker messages and tidied up the display.
Added circle highlights for leaders.
Updated all the graphics to 24 bit.
Allow Truthtrance and Ghola to be played during battle.

DuneSnap6.gif (72677 bytes)


4/Oct/05 V2.32 Available
At long last I have done some more work and here is a new release:

Improved the Nexus interface for alliances and fixed the bugs.
Fixed a bug where Ally of Fremen got erroneously Karama'd after nexus.
Improve the error handling on the network setup screens. Will now tidy up correctly if the server or clients disconnect. Also send periodic updates to ensure the connection stays open.

Added a news ticker - fake news items get sent out every 30 seconds from the server. This is to help stop the network connection from timing out (hopefully).

Added brief description of treachery cards when hovering the mouse over them.

Fixed a very nasty location polygon bug which was more than likely causing all the crash and hanging troubles. This bug manifested itself whenever a client had to fight more than 1 battle in a round. The battle polygons were not getting cleaned up correctly and this had the potential to screw up the graphics engine and cause an unexpected crash at a later random time. I am highly optimistic that with this bug fixed, the game will be much more stable.

Disabled wait for client reconnect as it doesn’t work properly.

11/May/03 V2.31 Available
Just a single bug fix:
Player can no longer play cards in battle  when they have no leader available.

27/April/03 V2.30 Available
Added a popup to indicate when a faction has no valid leaders to play in battle. Can still play cards though which is a bug.

Bug Fixes:
Lasgun/Shield explosion now destroys any spice in the territory.
Synchronised the Family Atomics correctly when played by a client player.

13/April/03 V2.29 Available
Added back buttons to the start up screens to improve stability.
Added header information for the battles.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed bug with prescience where target is a client player.
Fixed some problems with truthtrance keyboard support and selecting factions.

6/April/03 V2.28 Available
Bug Fixes:
Server now removes clients if they disconnect.
Press F1 on client start screen no longer crashes.
pressing return on client no longer causes arrow to appear even when not ready.

30/March/03 V2.27 Available

Can no longer ask non-players with truthtrance.
Pressing Return in chat mode no longer taken as OKAY press.
CAn now stop Atreides Battle prescience with a Karama when asked.
Now better dot selection for < 6 players.
The battle plan now shows maximum troops available for battle.
When server chooses game options, they are updated on the client.
Removed the synch button as it was useless.
Removed non players from bidding.
Tidied up the winner announcements.

Bug Fixes:
Ship at guild costs: correct cost is now shown.
Client truthtrance no longer always asks the Harkonnnen.
Pressing delete at start of chat line no longer crashes.
Pressing return on network server screen no longer causes a problem.
Added player display update for loser after battle.
Advanced combat 1/2 graphic no longer left behind.
Advanced Game - Fremen storm prediction no longer one turn behind.
Advanced Game - fremen start fedaykin now gets synched.
Advanced Game - Removed big arrows for fremen movement.
Fixed problem with up/down arrows on Atreides prescience (server side).

23/March/03 V2.26 Available

Better chat and text entry
BG can no longer predict non-players to win.
Better updating of player displays.
Now announces the worm ride with a popup.
Can now move 2 separate stacks in a location as one stack.
Added polygon / popup for tanks troops.

Bug Fixes:
Better CHAT and text entry.
BG can no longer predict non-players to win.
Fixed some keyboard shortcut problems.
No longer crashesd if client connect fails.
Fixed problems with Harkonnen hand swap.
Fixed problem with Fremen storm Truthtrance question.
Hark can no longer use a truthtrance to ask himself about captured leaders.
Fixed fremen start position troop shuffling.

16/March/03 V2.25 Available

Added extensive keyboard support. 

Bug Fixes (not tested):
Fixed - movement arrow graphics too big on client.
Fixed - Fixed revival bug - clients always paid even for free revival troops.
Fixed - Harkonnen spice went to -2 - revival bug.
Fixed - Atreides cannot see 'visible' cards.
Fixed - Truthtrance was not being discarded after a client player played it.
Fixed - didn’t broadcast CHOAM to all players.
Fixed - fixed nasty bribe bug.
Fixed - Fremen worm move - no longer have to move all troops.

9/March/03 V2.24 Available

Show 4 treachery cards instead of 3. Harkonnen uses scroll buttons to see the other 4 cards.
Added min and max buttons for movement. The default number of troops to move is no longer the maximum. 

Bug Fixes (not tested):
Fixed - PLAY text no longer left behind after a card play.
Fixed - Karama can be used to stop a Fremen ally being safe from the worm.
Fixed - Fixed problems with the truthtrance storm question.
Fixed - Harkonnen can no longer use a truthtrance to ask himself about captured leaders.
Fixed - Truthtrance was not being discarded after a client player played it.
Fixed - Two nexuses in a row caused a hang problem.
Fixed - Can now revive a troop if you have only 2 spice.
Fixed - CHOAM Charity information is now broadcast to all players.
Fixed - Client players should now be able to see 'visible' cards in other players hands.

2/March/03 V2.23 Available

Small tweak to the message processing.
allow faction switching/buttons during popups.
Added truthtrance question for fremen storm knowledge.
Added truthtrance question for captured leaders.
Added pass option in bidding.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed - Only Harkonnen gets prompted to do a hand swap.
Fixed - Only Emperer gets prompted to use Karama to revive.
Fixed - no longer prescienced if played Karama to see entire battle plan.
Fixed - Karama to buy card gave it to high bidder by mistake.
Fixed - Truthtrance gave wrong answer for feyd being traitor.
Fixed - client could not play truthtrance during bidding.
Fixed - see entire battle plan - player was still able to change leader.
Fixed - see entire battle plan - Atreides could not see the cards.
Fixed - remove Bene Gesserit karama graphics for worthless card if cancelled by karama.
Fixed - don’t let karama be swapped in hand swap.

9/February/03 V2.22 Available

Special Karama powers. Can now use Karama to:
        Atreides see entire battle plan
        Harkonnen hand swap
        Guild stop a players shipping
        Fremen call a worm
        Emperor revive a leader or 3 troops
        Bene Gesserit use worthless cards as Karama cards

Changed the Karama playlist to show the selected type and cancel choices.
Tidied up the flashing rectangles around leaders after traitors chosen.

Bug Fixes:
Fixed - Movement of first client shown twice on second client player.
Fixed - Shortened the messages at the bottom of the screen that were too long.
Fixed - Added a confirm window when a players does no shipping or movement.
Fixed - Fixed problem with bribes between players.
Fixed - All known coexistence bugs.
Fixed - Second worm appearing no longer gives the Fremen reserves a free move.
Fixed - Only troops lost in battle now count towards the Kwisatz Haderach total.
Fixed - Fremen no longer get prompted to ship at guild costs when playing a Karama.
Fixed - Make sure player gets asked to stop Harkonnen leader capture when playing Karama.

2/February/03 V2.21 Available

Optional Karama powers. Can now use Karama to stop:
        Atreides using Kwisatz Haderach in battle
        Harkonnen capturing a leader
        Guild taking their turn at any time
        Fremen Fedaykin
        Emperor Sardaukar

NOTE: The Karama play list does not show these options yet. You need to click on ok when it comes up. 

Bug Fixes:
Fixed - Movement shown as 0 for client players on server.
Fixed - Fremen started allied with atreides in advanced game.
Fixed - Truthtrance screws up display on client.
Fixed - local bribe crashes - bribes should now always work.
Fixed - Harkonnen leaders captured by harkonnen!
Fixed - Various BG coexistence bug fixes.

26/January/03 V2.20 Available

Bene Gesserit Advanced Powers!
    Initial BG placement.
    CHOAM Charity every turn after turn 1.
    Can ship spiritual advisor to same location as shipper.
    Coexistence fully implemented.

No longer show a faction allied with itself.
Don't ask to ship at guild costs if Guild or allied to Guild.
updated the help text.
Save some user settings in .ini file.

Bug Fixes:
The bidding buttons no longer disappear when you bid the maximum.
Fixed the problem where game hung if there was a traitor.
Fixed bug where wrong storm move shown for weather control.
Fixed treachery card scroll arrows.
karama can now stop fremen ally being safe from worm.
Fixed chat scrolling problems.
Fixed problem where maximum troops to be dialed was wrong for advanced battles.

19/January/03 V2.19 Available

Change the guild text colour to match their tokens.
Improved the discards display.
switched the order of yes and no in questions.
Can now bid higher than spice in hand with karama.
Improved card play for Karama, Ghola and Truthtrance.
show all player details when chat window is off.
inhibit Truthtrance questions if knowledge has been karamed.
Truthtrance can no longer ask non playing factions.
Added explicit passing so that other players can not tell you have
no spice or karama card.

Bug Fixes:
fixed problem with battles involving more than 3 factions.
Shipping fremen to polar sink no longer sends 1/2 to the tanks.
Fixed truthtrance bug for treachery card category questions.
Fixed problem with chatting.
Fixed bug where truthtrance gave wrong answer for BG prediction.
Corrected the start highlighted faction for bribes.

Untested features/bug fixes:
Several problems with spice transfers after buying cards.
Improved calling traitors.
Truthtrance should no longer corrupt the display for client players.
Do not list same faction as its own ally.

12/January/03 V2.18 Available

Added Popup Text for the reserves area.
New right hand side chat window instead of old clunky chat window.
The Fremen get the choice of Guild or Fremen shipping if they are allied.
Improved the text input code.
Improved the Nexus code for non players.

Bug Fixes:
Alliances can no longer win with 2 strongholds.

6/January/03 V2.17 Available

This new release adds the following:

New improved display for factions. You now only view 1 faction at a time. This allows better information to be displayed about cards, leaders and traitors. Also, rearranged the Game status texts and the Off planet troops now have their own special area.
Improved Bribe function.
Improved Bidding interface.
The popup text box now resizes to an appropriate size.
Allowed traitor calling to be optional.

Bug Fixes:
The battle indicator polygon was not being removed on Client players.
Movement sent troops Off Planet if no destination was chosen.
Removed unnecessary extra CHOAM messages.
Cancelling from truthtrance caused a crash.
Troops are now reset to 0 when start location for a move is cancelled.
Troops are now reset to 0 when start location for a Guild Ship is cancelled.

Unverified Bug Fixes:
The chat window which appears for a nexus now closes when nexus is over.
Improving the bribe interface should have removed all the problems with bidding when allied to another faction.
Added better spice synchronisation of spice so that Guild and Emperor will see immediately when they get paid for cards or shipping.
Fixed a problem with victory conditions which meant alliances could win with  only 2 strongholds.
Fixed a nasty problem with traitors which was stopping client players from having a traitor.

15/December/02 V2.16 Available

This new release adds the following features:

    Fixed the problem which stopped the server working on Windows 98.
    Fixed bug where allies of the Guild could not ship.
    Fixed problem where cheap heroes always turned traitor.

8/December/02 V2.15 Available

This new release adds the following features:

     Can no longer see opponents cards by hovering the mouse on them
    Fixed double chat messages on client
    Non players no longer count for bidding
    Fixed bug where client cannot always view cards
    Added button to clients to ask server to resend messages
    Better informing of all players about prescience, Voice, bribes, truthtrance and other card plays.

    Plus major improvements to the graphics.

1/December/02 V2.14 Available

This new release adds the following features:

        Double Spice Blows
        Advanced Combat
        Added player handles displayed on the right hand side for each faction.
        Atreides advanced powers: The Kwisatz Haderach.
        Guild advanced powers: can take their move at any time.
        Harkonnen advanced powers: can now capture leaders.

        Emperor advanced powers: The dreaded Sardaukar.
        Fremen advanced powers: Fedaykin, half losses in the storm,
                                            ability to move into the storm, place additional worms.
        Also, improved the treachery card graphics.

10/July/02 V2.13 Available

Oops! Two horrible bugs slipped through the testing of 2.12. Here is another release with them fixed.
     Fixed bug with the Nexus and non player factions.
    Fixed bug which stopped remote players playing special treachery cards.

9/July/02 V2.12 Available

Many thanks for the feedback from V2.11, particularly Sitko. The new release adds several features inspired by his comments. The full list is :

The advanced weather option now works if selected from the options screen.
Spice collection for Strongholds also now works if selected from the options screen.
Added tooltips for all the Buttons.
Made the mouse smaller and stopped it flashing as much.
Added some sound effects, most notably a button press sound. 
Added context sensitive help via a help button.
Improved the truthtrance interface to filter out stupid questions.
Improved the interface for playing special treachery cards.

The following bug fixes or features have been added.

Fixed a bug where spice didn't get collected unless the troops were in the same sector as the spice.

See the Bug/Wish List section for a list of known problems.

27/June/02 V2.11 Available

This release adds all the Basic game features that were previously missing: Bribes and Alliances. It also adds the following features:

Shows the current version number on the title screen.
Shows the server's IP Address in the Network Server lobby.
Improved the set of truthtrance questions.
Improved displaying of treachery card plays.
Allow treachery card prompting to be turned on or off.

The following bug fixes or features have been added.

A quit button has been added for exiting from the game.
Removed the leaders of non playing factions when drawing traitors.
The treachery card deck now gets reshuffled when it reaches the end of the deck.

See the Bug/Wish List section for a list of known problems.

9/May/02 V2.10 Available

Its finally here! Play the basic game over the network. All features included except bribes and alliances. Truthtrance card also has limited uses. This release also contains performance improvements to the graphics engine and some chrome features such as a little  pop up that appears when you hover over the map. Download the release now and then sign up for beta testing i.e. playing! With other real players! Over the internet!

22/July/01 V2.05 Available

Allowed selection of Full Screen or Windows modes via the initial options screen. Anyone having problems running V204 should now be able to run okay in full screen mode. Apparently the windowed mode does not work on some PCs and V204 ran in windowed mode only.

Added an indicator in the player display area when a Karama card has been played on that player.

Improved the chat function but it still needs more work.

Added tracking of treachery cards. Program remembers which cards have been seen by each player - important particularly for the Atreides.

Fixed some obscure bugs with the Fremen client.

21/May/01 V2.04 Available

Fixed a problem with Lasgun Shield exposions. It was killing all the attackers troops. Also fixed problems with Guild, Bene Gesserit and Fremen Clients and limited the Hajr card to the movement phase.

23/Apr/01 V2.03 Available

Fixed a problem with the non network play. It was crashing in the Combat part of the turn due to a bug in the network play code. There are still problems with network playing the Guild, Fremen and Bene Gesserit. The other 3 factions appear to work okay as clients though.

2/Apr/01 V2.02 Available

Fixed a problem with trying to run non Atreides client players. The client would 'hang' when asked to select traitors. This should now be okay allowing a proper test-run of the game with 6 remote players. Also improved the Family Atomics Shield Wall graphic.

29/Mar/01 V2.01 Available

A new release V2.01 is now available from the download section. The coding is done for the Basic Game network play but needs extensive testing. In particular, non battle treachery cards have not been tested at all, the inter player chat function is limited, and only the Atreides client has been fully tested. My next priority will be to work on testing/repairing these key elements. Any extra testing feedback is appreciated and will speed up development !

15/Feb/01 V2.00 Pre-Release Available

A pre-release version of V2.00 is now available from the download section. This is primarily so that people can avail of the PBEM Family Atomics support. Feel free to play with the network features. Although it is currently not working, you may be able to get a flavour for what it will be like finished. All comments welcome.

12/Feb/01 News

The Email link for sending feedback has been fixed. Click on "Send Distrans" to the left if you have any comments or feedback.

11/Jan/01 Network play

Coding of the Network playable version of the Dune Emulator is well underway and should be available for download in the next month or two. Watch this space !

7/May/00 DUNE Emulator v1.01 Released

Spice card graphics.
Ability to choose whether a particular faction is playing.
Added the rest of the Karama basic powers.
Made the PBEM file reading more robust/flexible.

Lasgun/Shield explosion now kills only the troops in the battle location.
Fixed problems with moving from Habbanya Ridge Sietch and Habbanya Erg.
Spice is now subtracted for extra revived tokens.
Polar Sink is now never is storm.
Fixed bug with Bene Gesserit free shipment.
Leader revival now works.

22/Feb/00 DUNE Emulator v1.00 Released

Initial Fremen troop placement.
Bene Gesserit prediction.
Selection of Traitors.
Storm movement and destruction of tokens and spice.
Spice Blow including worms and their effects.
Bidding with all its complexities.
Revival of troops and leaders.
Shipping and movement of troops.
Combat between troops in the same location.
Spice Collection from spice blows.
Treachery cards basic rules.
Factions basic powers.