Eamonn Doorley

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Younger brother to Tom is Éamonn Doorley (Born 1976), another talented man whose musical input to the group is always subtle and extremely complimentary. The counter-melodic style of Éamonn's playing brings that extra warmth to Danú's sound, so well blended that it is difficult to extricate from the tapestry, but the listener is drawn to nevertheless.

It is in the song arrangements that the fruit of Éamonn's labour becomes obvious, where the magical communication between him and Ciarán captures the audience, colouring the images and emotions the song conjures up. The bozouki provides the bridge between verses upon which to ponder the previous part of the story and to imagine what might come next.

This ability of Éamonn's to be sympathetic to the band's songs has been greatly enhanced by a number of late-night practice sessions and discussions with Ciarán. The fact that he is also an accomplished fiddle player himself and has been playing music with his brother Tom since they were both very young, may go some more of the way to explaining his unique knowledge of the songs and tunes he accompanies.

Éamonn plays a flat-back Fylde (English handmade bozouki). To hear Éamonn's fiddle playing, listen to his duet with Daire Bracken, track 10 on Danú's first recording - Danú.

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