Noel Ryan

Noel is from Tour, Co.Tipperary and comes from a very musical background. With an older brother and sister (Murty on accordeon and Breda on banjo) both accomplished and well known musicians, it was inevitable that he would follow in their footsteps and he began playing the guitar some years ago.

Totally self-taught, but with many influences (especially Arty McGlynn), he has a style of accompaniment which lends itself particularily well to laid-back music. When required to fire on all cylinders however, he can energize the music and give that bassy rythmical drive which gets the audience off their seats.

A quiet man on stage, Noel appears to be the serious introvertive type, but is actually the life and soul of the band on the road. He keeps the band sane with his wry sense of humour on long and tiring tours abroad and in his spare time, he is a keen sketch artist and composer of tunes.

Noel has been with Danú since March 1998, when he was drafted for some concerts in Denmark. His impression lasted with the others in the group, so much so that he was asked to join fulltime. Together with Éamonn and Donnchadh, he provides a strong, solid and very powerful rhythmical and harmonic undercurrent on which the music can always rely.

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