The oldest bridge is the three-arch one south of the modern bridge. This modern bridge was built in 1954 following very severe floods, to replace an earlier one which had been in existence since 1884. The three-arch bridge is mentioned in the statute rolls of 1459 and was called Bridge of the Maudelynes. it probably dates from around 1200 and was renovated in 1587 by the Bathe-Dowdall family. There are two overflow arches in the causeway, located east of the Maudlin Bridge and forming a third separate bridge.

It was close to the Nanny Bridge that the last engagement of the Battle of the Boyne 1690 took place. The Jacobites placed their five remaining cannons on the high ground opposite (Baw Hill) and attempted to hold up the Williamite advance as they tried to cross the narrow bridge over the Nanny - the surrounding area was impassable due to the boggy nature of the ground. The Williamites eventually crossed and pursued the Jacobites as far as Naul.

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