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My Prayer Book
Collection of Prayers traditional and new


Our Father
Glory be to the Father
Holy Spirit
The Passion

Angel Guardian
Night Offering

Apostles Creed
Act of Contrition
Prayer with Meals

Prayer Before Crucifix
Soul of Christ

Wounds of Christ
Divine Praises
Archangel Michael

Prayer of St. Ignatius
Peace Prayer of
St. Francis

Hail Mary
Hail Holy Queen

Regina Coeli


Prayer Before & After Meals

Prayer Before Meals
Bless us OLord,
and these Your gifts
which from Your goodness
we are about to receive
Through Christ Our Lord. Amen.

Prayer After Meals
We give You thanks Almighty God
for all Your benefits, goodness and graces,
which we have received
through Christ Our Lord.

May the Souls of the Faithful departed, Through the Mercy Of God,
rest in peace.