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Unfortunately I have very little knowledge of Moylan or Murray genealogy beyond immediate family. I do however have quite a bit of information about my maternal Grandparents' genealogy, courtesy of other people who did the leg-work. Many years ago a Fred Rowe from Montreal Canada was researching his family history and showed up in Waterford looking for Rowes (my Grandmother was a Rowe). He left a copy of his research with a cousin (Maire Redmond, nee Rowe).

About 12 or 15 years ago my mother's brother Danny did some research into the Ryan family, and also obtained the Rowe family information from Maire. He compiled his research into a set of notes, and included references to other families (Chestnutt, Cherry, Spears) whose members he knew quite well even though their relationship to him was quite distant.

Danny gave a copy of his notes to my mother, who gave them to me. I have amended some Chestnutt information following recent research by my parents into that branch of the family, and I have included my own generation.

Ryan Family

Place of Origin:
Farnavane (Farranhavane), in the Barony of Kinalmeaky, in the Union of Bandon, Co. Cork. Farnavane is 2-3 miles to the east of Newcestown, which is a very small village of Church, pub plus grocery, another small shop, and about two other houses. Farnavane is a townland in what appears to be reasonably good farmland, although it is difficult to see the terrain due to high hedges and trees. It is a countryside of low, undulating hills, with narrow winding roads, and the population appears to be well dispersed, with very few houses at the roadsides. There is a small church in Farnavane which is said to be about 200 years old. (The church in Newcestown was built of local stone and by voluntary labour in 1872.) Farnavane and Newcestown belong to the United Parishes of Murragh and Templemartin in the Diocese of Cork and Ross.

  1. Parish records on microfilm in National Library (above parish).
  2. Custom House - registration of births, deaths and R.C. marriages since 1st. Jan. 1864.
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Ryan Family Tree

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Relationship to Spears Family

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Rowe Family

Line of descent



Dates of birth

Thomas Rowe I
of Redruth, Cornwall.
Wife Ann (surname unknown). Dates of birth/death not discovered. Marriage not in Redruth registers. Henry
Thomas - born in Redruth, baptised 21st. Sep.
Thomas Rowe II Married to Sarah Roberts in Redruth, 19th. Jan.1807. Butcher by trade. Lived at Fore Street, East End, Redruth. No record of deaths. Kitty
- baptised 29th. May

William Rowe Married Ann Courtnay, (born c.1821, daughter of John C., labourer) on 13th. Sep. 1842, at Church of East Teignmouth, Devon. She was born in Silverton, Devon. He was groom or ostler. They lived at Exeter, Devon; 13 Cross Lane, Bath, Somerset; 3 White Lion Court, Newport, Monmouth, where he died on 18th. Jan. 1875, aged 59. W. Henry - Exeter
John - Exeter
Sarah Ann - Exeter
(later Griffith, Hill St.,
Joseph - Exeter -
born 22nd. Oct.
(in Bath by 1851)
Elizabeth - Newport
Henry - Newport
Anne - Newport


Joseph Rowe Poulterer by trade: later taxidermist (in Waterford). Married Elizabeth Chestnutt in Waterford (She died in 1948, aged 84 - born 1864.) Edward - Waterford

Rose Rowe
(my Grandmother)
Married Daniel C Ryan. Lived in Poleberry, Waterford. Sean (died in childhood)


Elizabeth Ryan Married Thomas Murray Christopher
Olivia Murray Married Thomas Moylan Patricia

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Rowe Family Tree

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Chestnutt Family

Of possible Huguenot descent and from Arnestown in Co. Wexford.
Sister & 2 brothers : Hannah, Alexander & John.

John married Rachel Jeacle from Rathnure, children include Alex Chestnutt, an organ-builder by trade, and John Samuel Chestnutt (father of Mabel & Chris), 3rd Engineer, S.S. Conningbeg, d. 17 Dec 1917 at age 41, when S.S. Conningbeg was torpedoed in Irish Sea with loss of all hands.

Hannah married Sam Hartrick (one of the New Ross Hartricks of Palatine German family origin - see The Hartrick Clan Website for more information) in New Ross in 1875. They had 4 daughters :- Isabella Jane, Elizabeth, Maria and Winifred. Jane married a Cherry, children include Nan & Dorothy Cherry. Elizabeth married her cousin Alex Chestnutt, children were Betty and Lily.

Alexander was father of Elizabeth Chestnutt who married Joseph Rowe, and grand-father of E. Rose Rowe. Alexander Chestnutt was also father of John (lived in England? - Uncle John, fat, jolly, white-bearded), and of Robert (father of Bobby, Oliver, Freddie, Billy, Dolly), of Sarah (married a Kirkham), of Caroline (married a Sharpe, lived in Dun Laoghaire, parents of Ruth).

Said to be some connection through Chestnutt/Cherry side with composer William Vincent Wallace (Maritana, Lurline, The Amber Witch), born in Colbeck street, Waterford in 1812, the son of a Mayo man who married a Waterford girl.

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Chestnutt Family Tree

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Other Rowe descendants (my own notes)

My Grandmother Rose Rowe's sister Anne (Nanny) married Charles Price and they had one daughter, Betty.

Her brother Albert Rowe had 4 daughters (Nancy, Maire, Eily and Betty) and 4 sons (Owen, Dermot, Joseph and Terence).

Nancy Rowe married William Morrisey (children Anne, Brenda, Eleanor, Nuala, David, Alan).
Maire Rowe married Richard Redmond (children Carmel, Tony, Ian, Ailis).
Eily Rowe married Larry Whittle (children Laura, Peter, Rosemary, Eleanor).
Betty Rowe married John Nolan (children Helen, Peter, John, Jim).
The Morriseys, Redmonds, Whittles and Nolans all spent large amounts of time in Ballymacaw (see our Waterford Page) as children, since the cottage we now holiday in was once the Redmond holiday home, and I have many happy memories of growing up there with a large extended family.

My Mother's brother Danny (who did the Ryan Family research) married Kathleen McNeill (children George, Maire, Bernadette, Anne).They lived in Letterkenny.
Her sister Ursula married Sean Ryan from Rathdowney (children Emer, Eoin, Martin. They live in England, and also holidayed in Ballymacaw as children).
Her sister Pat married Michael Lacey (children Gordon, David, Andrew, Niamh, Aoife, Roisin), and they still holiday in Ballymacaw.

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