Old Friends

We've been searching the web for friends and acquaintances. We've tracked down some e-mail addresses, but so far only two home pages. Anyone who remembers us from school, college or work is welcome to contact us through the Guest Book.


Presentation College Birr 1969-1974 (Tom)
Ursuline Convent Waterford 1961-1974 (Liv)


UCD University College Dublin Science Faculty 1974-1978
(why not visit their site -join the Alumni Association if you haven't already)

Pat Murphy has a wonderful collection of pages.
Kieran Commins has Meteorology and Aviation links.


TE Telecom Eireann 1979-1988 (Liv), 1980-1996 (Tom)

AltionApion/Altion 1997-1999 (Tom)

Moylan Family Website

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